Update On April The Giraffe: Giving Birth Soon?

When will April the Giraffe give birth to her newborn calf? Everyone is watching the live feed and anticipating what will happen. April is now a social media star with millions of people around the world watching her, to see what happens. Everyone is hoping she will give birth soon and anticipating seeing the newborn calf spring to life.

Although everyone around the world is watching and waiting to see April the Giraffe have her baby calf, some people are speculating whether or not the baby is dead inside her. According to Mashable, what if the baby comes out dead? What will the zoo keepers do? What will happen to April the Giraffe if this happens? The reason some people are thinking this way is because April has been pregnant for 15 months and has been in labor for a while now. Although they are thinking that way because they are maybe getting bored watching a giraffe pace back and forth and just moving around a little, they should realize that giraffes can be in labor for a long time. See my previous article to read some facts on giraffes and what happens when they are pregnant here.

April the Giraffe will be giving birth in front of the whole world very soon.
Image by: Joern Pollex/ April the Giraffe to give birth soon.

According to Ok Magazine, April’s keepers posted on her Facebook page stating for everyone to “be watchful” because she will give birth really soon. We really do hope it is soon. We are all antsy about watching a giraffe give birth on a live camera. It is going to be amazing and wonderful to see something so natural happen. What if they had to do a C-Section, though? Would you still watch the live feed if they had to go in and take the baby through a Cesarean Section?

Although we are all patiently, or some of us impatiently waiting, for April the Giraffe to have her fourth calf, another giraffe just delivered her first calf at the Toledo Zoo and beat April to the punch! The other giraffe gave birth to a beautiful 130-pound newborn calf, but April’s baby is expected to weigh in at 150 pounds! So, in this case, April actually beat her to the punch because her baby will be bigger!

When April the Giraffes keepers posted on Facebook saying to “be watchful” doctors are simply just waiting on the contractions to begin for her and then the new calf will FINALLY be here! What we have all been waiting for, for so long will finally be here and we will get to see it as long as we keep watching. Knowing it is a bit boring to watch a giraffe pace and move around with a big belly, we will just have to learn to be a little more patient. April will have her calf when she decides to have him or her.

When will April the Giraffe finally give birth to her new calf?
Image by: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez Will April the Giraffe give birth soon?

Although some people are saying that maybe the baby is dead, this couldn’t be true, could it? We really don’t want to think that way, of course. It would be really sad and disappointing for all of us who are obsessed with April and her big belly if the baby was born stillborn. What would people do if that happened?

Although no one wants to really think of it happening that way, the longer this pregnancy lasts, the more irritated people are getting. Patience everyone, patience is what we all need right now! Kind of hard since we have been waiting as long as we have, right?

Since this is the month of April and April Fool’s Day has just passed not too long ago, some people even thought the idea of the giraffe being pregnant and giving birth on a live feed was an April Fool’s joke. However, it is not! She really is pregnant and really is going to have a baby while we all watch!

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[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]