Favorite Dog Breeds Of Top Celebrities Revealed

Celebrity dogs are as famous as their owners. Fans always rejoice and cheer when they see their famous stars strolling around the town with their favorite pups and other pets. Celebrities with their dogs are always fun to watch, and it’s nice to know about the type of dogs they have.

For people who are eager to know what breeds of dogs famous celebrities have, here are some of the popular breeds.

Portuguese Water Dog

A dog was the first choice when this former first family thought of keeping a pet. They found it a bit difficult to choose the right breed of dog, and finally, ex-President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two children settled on a Portuguese Water Dog. The pet was named Bo, and since then, the breed has been quite popular. Apparently, being a presidential pet truly enhances a dog’s value as a race.


The Chihuahua might not be as popular as a breed as it was previously, but still, it is quite popular amongst the celebs. The cute Mexican breed is loved by some celebrities still today and is one of the most favorite breeds of lap dogs across the globe.

[Image by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images]

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been quite public about their love for their beloved Chihuahuas and have been pampering them for years. They are not the only ones with this breed; there are some more celebs too!

Cocker Spaniel

Television icon Oprah Winfrey owned a cocker spaniel named Sophie for more than a decade. Through her talk show and various other programs, Oprah has always highlighted the miserable plight of abused and homeless animals. The main reason behind her passion for animals is Sophie.

After the death of Sophie, Oprah even paid an incredibly emotional tribute to Sophie on her show, stating that the cocker spaniel was her true love. She also revealed that Sophie had made her a kinder and gentler person.


Legendary musician Elton John owns more than 20 dogs of different types of breeds, but he does have a soft spot for his Labrador. In fact, some celebrities of various statures have expressed their love for the Labrador, more so because it is the most popular family dog breed. The Labrador is considered as a happy pooch and is a fantastic guard dog that loves to spend time with kids.

Maltese Poodle

Maltese Poodles are undoubtedly one of the most adorable and cutest breeds of dogs in the world. Jessica Simpson, a globally recognized singer and fashion mogul, owned a Maltese Poodle for around half a decade. Daisy came to her life in 2004, gifted to her by Nick Lachey, her husband at that time.

Unfortunately, her relation with her pup did not last for an extended period. In 2009, the loss of Daisy filled the headlines of the newspaper as the singer reported the snatching of her Maltese Poodle in Los Angeles by a coyote.

Jack Russell Terrier

For decades, Jack Russell Terriers reigned as the favorites of celebrities. One of the greatest fans of this breed is the exceptional singer Mariah Carey. This worldwide-recognized performer owns not one, but four Jack Russell Terriers. One of them, named Jack, is a gift given by Tommy Mottola, who is a record executive and Carey’s ex-husband.

Interestingly, Jack has been a small but significant part of many of Carey’s music videos and has also made an appearance in Carey’s movie, Glitter. Indeed, that’s a great experience for a pup who has his fan website too!

Maria Carey is not the only one fond of this breed. Serena Williams, the tennis sensation, has a Jack Russell named Jackie, too.

A lot of other breeds are also popular amongst celebrities. Some of these are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Basset Hound, Pug, Yorkshire Terriers, and more.

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