‘Destiny’ April Iron Banner: What You Need To Know To Control The Zones

After skipping the month of March, Iron Banner has returned to Destiny for April. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners return to a classic game mode to battle for the chance to earn some perfectly rolled armor and weapon rewards.

This is the second Iron Banner since Bungie greatly changes the Crucible PVP meta with the hotfix. Special Weapons are not even close to being as dominant as they were before as players will firefights mainly occur with Primary Weapons with brief interludes of Specials and Heavies.

When Does It Run?

This Iron Banner event started Tuesday, April 11, and the event will run until an hour before the Destiny weekly reset on Tuesday, April 18. This typically occurs at 5 a.m. ET/2 a.m. PT.

You will need to visit Lord Saladin at the Felwinter’s Peak social area to receive a quest to participate in Iron Banner if you’ve never done so before. This only has to be done once.

What Changes Have Been Made With Rise of Iron?

Iron Banner has been streamlined, as previously covered. The Tempered Buff mechanic is gone, and reputation will be earned equally throughout the week at a higher rate than Year Two. Victories now earn 250 Reputation while redeeming Iron Medallions will earn 150 Reputation. This also removes any buff received from wearing Iron Banner items or equipping emblems.

Additionally, packages that players received when reaching ranks 3 and 5 have been retired. Players will now earn rewards from completing bounties and from loot drops at the end of matches.

The Daily Bounties have also been removed and replaced with four Weekly Bounties, which can be picked up from Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple at Felwinter’s Peak. She is also the Iron Banner vendor and will be where you need to go to purchase Iron Banner weapons and armor. You’ll nee to visit Lord Saladin first though to pick up the quest for the event.

Lady Efrideet has set up shop at Felwinter’s Peak. [Image by Bungie]

What Modes And Maps Are Supported?

April’s Iron Banner is all about the classic game mode, Control. Teams of six will need to fight for control of three points around the map. Holding a control point increases the score received when killing opposing Guardians.

It requires teamwork to take and hold points, so consider running with a group of friends, a clan, or a pickup group from sites such as the100 and DestinyLFG.

All maps regularly used in the Control playlist from Rise of Iron are available. Some are weighted more than others, though.


Iron Banner rewards can drop up to 400 Light depending on your current Light level. This will never be more than 5 levels above your current Light.

Post-match loot rewards start dropping at Iron Banner reputation rank 0. Everything being sold by Lady Efrideet is possible as a drop from the very beginning along with Artifacts and other armor items. Players have a chance to earn a Ghost once they reach rank 5.

Iron Banner Weapons

[Image by Bungie]

Lady Efrideet is offering a “God Tier” roll on The Unbent Tree Auto Rifle for this month’s Iron Banner. The Proud Spire Shotgun is a decent enough roll too.

Note that you also have a chance to receive other weapons as end-of-match drops, but with different rolls. This is the best way to obtain Iron Banner weapons in Destiny as there is a chance for them to drop at high Light levels and increase your Guardian’s overall Light level.

Name Type Perks Cost IB Rank
The Proud Spire Shotgun
  • Linear Compensator / Accurized Ballistics / Field Choke
  • Rifled Barrel / Oiled Frame
  • Lightweight / Appended Magazine
  • Performance Bonus / Life Support
50 LM 4
The Unbent Tree Auto Rifle
  • Iron Red Dot / Iron Warrior Sights / Iron Ranged Scope
  • Perfect Balance / Braced Frame
  • Lightweight / Feather Mag
  • Counterbalance / Hip Fire
50 LM 5

“LM” is short for Legendary Marks.

Iron Banner Armor

Here is the armor that is being sold by Lady Efrideet in Destiny. The Gauntlet and Class Item rolls for the week are excellent with a couple of pieces that are 100 percent Tier 12 (T12). These can be infused to higher levels just like the weapons. There is also a chance they will drop at the end of Iron Banner matches with a random roll.

Titan Armor

[Image by Bungie]
Name Stats Perks Rank Cost T12
Iron Saga Gauntlets Intellect 41 (58) /
Discipline 40 (57)
  • Rain Blows / Momentum Transfer
  • Scout Rifle Loader
3 25 LM 99%
Iron Saga Gauntlets Discipline 41 (58) /
Strength 41 (58)
  • Paramuscle Armature / Impact Induction
  • Auto Rifle Loader
3 25 LM 100%
Iron Saga Mark Intellect 25 (35) /
Discipline 25 (35)
  • Auto Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 100%
Iron Saga Mark Discipline 23 (35) /
Strength 23 (33)
  • Pulse Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 96%

Hunter Armor

[Image by Bungie]
Name Stats Perks Rank Cost T12
Iron Saga Grips Intellect 41 (58) /
Discipline 40 (57)
  • Switchblade / Momentum Transfer
  • Scout Rifle Loader
3 25 LM 99%
Iron Saga Grips Discipline 41 (58) /
Strength 40 (57)
  • Fastball / Impact Induction
  • Pulse Rifle Loader
3 25 LM 99%
Iron Saga Cloak Intellect 25 (64) /
Discipline 25 (64)
  • Auto Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 100%
Iron Saga Cloak Discipline 25 (35) /
Strength 23 (33)
  • Pulse Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 96%

Warlock Armor

[Image by Bungie]
Name Stats Perks Rank Cost T12
Iron Saga Gloves Intellect 41 (58) /
Discipline 40 (58)
  • Snap Discharge / Momentum Transfer
  • Hand Cannon Loader
3 25 LM 99%
Iron Saga Gloves Discipline 40 (78) /
Strength 41 (78)
  • Energy Projection / Impact Induction
  • Auto Rifle Loader
3 25 LM 99%
Iron Saga Bond Intellect 25 (35) /
Discipline 25 (35)
  • Auto Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 100%
Iron Saga Bond Discipline 25 (35) /
Strength 23 (33)
  • Pulse Rifle / Sniper Rifle Focus
  • Crucible Champion
3 25 LM 96%

Iron Banner Bounties

Lady Efrideet is who you will want to visit at Felwinter’s Peak to pick up bounties. She is located across the bridge in the previously closed off section of the mountain. There are four in all that will reward more than just reputation.

Crucible bounties can be completed in Iron Banner too. Destiny players will want to pick those up to advance their reputation with the different factions and gain additional experience. They will not help Iron Banner reputation, however.

The return of the Nightfall XP bonus, however, does affect Iron Banner. Guardians may want to make a run through this week’s Nightfall Strike before jumping into the monthly Crucible event.

Bounty Name Description IB Rep Experience Legendary Marks Reward
Iron Marathon Earn 100 points by playing Iron Banner.

  • Match completion = 5 points
  • Match win = 10 points
+750 +5,000 +25 Legendary Weapon
Iron Light Earn 100 points with ability kills at the Iron Banner.

  • Grenade = 2 points
  • Melee = 3 points
  • Super = 5 points
+750 +5,000 +25 Legendary Gear
Iron Arsenal Earn 100 points with weapon kills at the Iron Banner.

  • Primary = 1 point
  • Special = 2 points
  • Heavy = 5 points
+750 +5,000 +25 Legendary Weapon
Iron Support Earn 100 points supporting your teammates at the Iron Banner.

  • Assisted Kills = 1 point
  • Avenger Kills = 3 points
  • Allies Defended = 5 points
+750 +5,000 +25 Legendary Gear

Do Gear And Level Still Matter?

Yes. A difference in 10 levels of light represents approximately a 2 percent difference in damage. Another way of looking at it is if you are at a 350 Light level facing off against someone at a 370 Light level, you will be at a 4 percent damage disadvantage.

The approximately 2 percent damage drop in every 10 levels of light continues until a 50 light level difference represents a 10 percent difference in damage. It then gets slightly steeper with a 2.6 percent damage drop per Light level over the next 100 Light levels. The Destiny power curve then goes into free fall at this point, with every 10 levels representing a 10 percent power difference.

Destiny Iron Banner Power Level Differences (PlayStation, Xbox)
The power level curves for Iron Banner. The red curve is for Destiny: The Taken King. Each ‘Level Delta’ across the top represents a 10 level difference. [Image by Bungie]

In short, you stay competitive within 20 light levels of a player you are facing and can still do damage up to a 50 light level difference. You will probably get stomped after that. Since most Destiny players are hovering around 360 Light now, it’s probably a safe bet that 340 to 350 Light is a safe starting point.

Your Standing Has Been Reset?

Yes. All Destiny players start each Iron Banner event with their reputation at zero. You max out at level five.

Iron Banner Ranks

You start out at rank zero and should be able to quickly reach rank one after the first win. The climb to the max rank is a bit steeper but still obtainable thanks to all the buffs added to Destiny.

IB Rank Reputation Points Needed
1 100 rep points
2 1,200 rep points
3 2,400 rep points
4 2,400 rep points
5 2,400 rep points

Multi-Character Buff

Your second and third Destiny characters could receive a 100 percent reputation boost in addition to all the other buffs when playing Iron Banner. The buff is active as long as one or more of your characters are at least one Iron Banner rank ahead of the character being played.

For example, if you get one character up to reputation rank three, your second and third Destiny character will be able to reach the same level in approximately half the time.

Iron Medallions

Destiny players will receive an Iron Medallion for each match you lose in Iron Banner. You can carry up to five at a time in your inventory. These will be redeemed automatically after your next win for Iron Banner reputation.

If you still have Medallions left over after Iron Banner ends, hold on to them. They can still be redeemed when the next event rolls around.

Good Luck!

Do you have any Destiny Iron Banner tips you want to share? Please post them in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Bungie; all table information by Destiny]

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