WWE Rumors: Could AJ Styles Turn Face? Some Wrestling Experts Suspect So

AJ Styles is one of the more popular wrestlers on the WWE roster today, and certainly the breakout star of SmackDown Live. However, the former World Heavyweight Champion is now the subject of some pretty strange WWE rumors. In addition to the rumors that he may be getting traded from SmackDown to Raw, there’s also some rumors floating around that he’ll be turning face in a few upcoming matches.

And while Styles has been a face before, this move — if it turns out to be true — would be the first time he would be bold enough to be an official face, and it’s questionable as to how the fans will respond to this turn.

However, there is one good thing to come out of the latest WWE rumors on AJ Styles, according to IWNerd: AJ Styles is staying on SmackDown, at least for now. The announcement came during last night’s episode of Raw, wherein The Miz and his wife, Maryse, made the announcement. There are, however, a few superstars that changed brands — Bray Wyatt, for one, as well as Curt Hawkins. Of course, it may be hard to remember all of this, given that Braun Strowman absolutely destroyed Roman Reigns, and that’s all anyone was talking about (it was even a worldwide Twitter trending topic!).

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Cageside Seats, there’s a very good reason the WWE is keeping the former World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown: because he’s about to get a “face” turn.

“The mutual respect wasn’t the most significant thing about the segment, in terms of embracing the fact crowds want to support Styles, even if he’s playing rudo in most of his matches. No, for my money, that would be acknowledging the cheers by having AJ defiantly declare himself the face of many fans’ clear-cut favorite brand. It’s an interesting discussion, and one we’ve been having about Reigns for months. So let’s bring the man who asks to be introduced as “the Face That Runs The Place” into the debate. How do you think of AJ Styles on the face-heel spectrum? What, if anything, should WWE do to move him one way or the other?”

However, there still is a chance that AJ Styles will be traded to Raw. According to the latest WWE rumors from Give Me Sport, Kurt Angle — the new Raw General Manager who took the place of the legendary Mick Foley — wants nothing more than to add The Phenomenal One to his roster of talent, and to trade Roman Reigns to SmackDown so he can begin a World Heavyweight Championship run.

According to the outlet, the company may have accidentally spilled the beans about Styles switching brands because they featured his silhouette, along with Charlotte Flair’s, in a recent news article about the “Superstar Shake-Up.”

While this may be a red herring — in the sense that it would lead a fan to think something is happening to throw them off from what is really happening — it may also be that the company snitched on themselves, with the latter being more likely.

If the Styles trade does come to pass, it will certainly not be much of a shock, as it’s been rumored that he’s going through the trade for months now.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think AJ Styles will be going to Raw and getting a face turn?

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