WWE RAW 4-10-17 Results: Braun Strowman Flips An Ambulance With Roman Reigns Inside After Epic Beatdown

The April 10, 2017, episode of WWE RAW included a particular segment that echoes much of the best that yesterday’s World Wrestling Federation offered. As Michael Cole was interviewing Roman Reigns, the wrestler was attacked by Braun Strowman in the most relentless, most over-the-top fashion in professional wrestling. By the time the beatdown ended, Roman Reigns was on a stretcher, an ambulance was on its side, and the arena was bathed in the deafening cheers of the audience.

The segment, which can be viewed here, began with Roman Reigns being interviewed by Michael Cole about his recent victory over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. During the interview, Reigns asserted how much he respected The Deadman, but with regard to The Undertaker’s retirement, what’s done is done. According to Reigns, he was the Big Dog in WWE now, and that’s how things would be. That is, of course, until the Monster Among Men angrily entered the picture.

Strowman beat Reigns all over backstage, slamming the Big Dog into walls, roll-up doors, tables, and backstage boxes. Reigns sold the assault pretty well, legitimately looking dazed after the first wave of Strowman’s assault. EMTs eventually got Reigns on a stretcher, but as soon as the Big Dog was strapped in, Strowman came in for beatdown number two.

Taking the gurney with the nigh-unconscious Reigns from the medical personnel, Strowman ran with the Big Dog’s stretcher, completely throwing it off a ledge. If Reigns was not injured before, he sure appeared injured after. EMTs eventually got to the Big Dog again and were finally able to load the former champion to an ambulance. Reigns’ beatdown was not over yet, however. Shouting “I’m not done with you yet!” Strowman went inside the ambulance, punched the Big Dog a couple of times in the face, then flipped over the massive vehicle with his bare hands, lights, medical equipment, and Roman Reigns included.

The epic Roman Reigns beatdown echoes much of the best that the old WWF was extremely fond of doing. It was unrealistic, over-the-top, but also, as strange as it might sound, incredibly refreshing, according to a CageSide Seats report. The fact that the audience was cheering on the Monster Among Men during the entire segment was proof that it is scenarios such as this that WWE really needs right now.

This is not to say that the segment was perfect, however. During the course of the beatdown, numerous inconsistencies were noticed by eagle-eyed fans, such as the Reigns dummy that was thrown with the gurney and the crane that helped tip the ambulance over. Despite these, however, longtime WWE fans have lauded the segment, stating that it was one of the most entertaining things that RAW has produced in weeks, according to a Metro report. Others even joked that the segment practically made the Monster Among Men as a face wrestler, considering the Big Dog’s lack of popularity among fans.

While the beatdown and the manner that it was played out was no less than perfect, many fans have stated that the ball in now in Reigns’ court. Considering how over-the-top the entire segment was, the Big Dog would now have to completely sell it. With this in mind, many WWE fans are eagerly expecting Roman Reigns to show up with a cast, or even better, a number of casts and lots of bandages next week. One of the marks of great wrestlers, after all, is their ability to sell their opponents’ moves and beatdowns. A perfect example of this is The Rock, who could sell the Stone Cold Stunner no better than anyone else in the business.

Roman Reigns is still being boosted as the top dog of WWE, but despite the wrestler being a face for some time now, fans still appear to dislike him. If the WWE RAW 4/10/2017 episode is any indication, however, fans do appreciate Reigns, as long as he is the one in the receiving end of a beatdown.

[Featured Image by WWE]