Mel B Credits Simon Cowell With Final ‘Push’ To Leave Husband For Good

Mel B reportedly feared for her life living with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, who physically abused and sexually exploited her. So she needed a push to leave Belafonte – and she got it from Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell is a supportive and caring friend. Cowell convinced his fellow America’s Got Talent judge Mel B to leave her abusive husband Stephen Belafonte and file for divorce.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte locked horns in a heated divorce battle, but Mel B apparently would have never got this far without Simon Cowell.

Just days ago, Mel B made headlines when she filed papers for divorce from Stephen Belafonte, claiming that her estranged husband has been “violent and abusive” during their decade-long marriage, and even forced the AGT judge to take part in threesomes and record sex tapes.

But sources close to Mel B revealed to TMZ that it was Simon Cowell who convinced the singer to call it quits with Stephen Belafonte after hearing stories from her and seeing her injuries over the years.

Simon Cowell felt there was something seriously wrong with Mel B – and her marriage with Stephen Belafonte – as the singer would make excuses for her multiple injuries, which in reality were the result of physical abuse from Belafonte.

But leaving an abusive husband is always tough – as there might be retaliation – and Simon Cowell was the one who stepped up and explained to Mel B that Stephen Belafonte was “a bad guy,” and convinced her to file for divorce.

Although Mel B has previously left Stephen Belafonte, she never explained why and always came back to her estranged husband, with whom she shares 5-year-old daughter Madison Brown.

But this time Mel B has filed for divorce from Stephen Belafonte and she reportedly gives some of the credit to Simon Cowell for giving her the right guidance right when she needed it the most.

Mel B also shares 18-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi from her marriage with Jimmy Guzlar, and 10-year-old daughter Angel Iris from her ex-partner Eddie Murphy.

But no one says that just because Mel B finally filed for divorce from Stephen Belafonte, her life has gotten a whole lot easier. The singer and AGT judge is currently trying to settle her divorce battle with Belafonte – and it’s reportedly getting quite ugly.

Mel B is reportedly going to extremes to settle her divorce battle against Stephen Belafonte. A report cited by News Australia revealed that Mel B is set to offer Belafonte a private island and $8 million in order to finalize their divorce.

Mel B, whose net worth is estimated at $50 million, reportedly wants to settle the divorce battle “as quickly as possible” to prevent “any more harm being done to her kids.”

Mel B reportedly offered Stephen Belafonte $8 million and a private island on Virginia Lake in exchange for sole custody of their daughter Madison. The singer had initially agreed for share custody.

Other reports circulating around the divorce battle – in addition to Simon Cowell convincing Mel B to leave the house – indicate that Stephen Belafonte may have plans to bring the nanny he allegedly got pregnant to be a witness against Mel B in court hearings.

Mel B bought the private island on Virginia Lake for AUD 1.6 million back in 2014 as a birthday present for Stephen Belafonte. Reports indicate that the two barely even visited the private island together in the past three years.

Stephen Belafonte insists on joint custody and reportedly wants Mel B to pay $10 million to settle the divorce battle.

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