April 10, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Learns The Truth, Carly And Jax Get Close, And Elizabeth Fights For Franco

General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 10 tease that things will be intense in Port Charles. Sam is investigating Julian's supposed death and Nelle is trying to figure out how to patch things up with Michael. Carly and Sonny are not in a good place at this point, and Jax is back in town adding to the chaos. Hayden has told Finn that he's on his own and GH teasers suggest that there will be action on many fronts as the week plays out. What else can viewers expect?

Nelle was left reeling by Jax's revelations about the kidney transplant situation, and she had some thinking to do after Michael told her that some things couldn't be fixed. GH teasers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that she'll finally come clean with Sonny, telling him that they never actually slept together. This news will certainly shake things up, but will it help Nelle's situation or make it all the more chaotic?

Sonny will be stunned by learning the truth about the supposed fling with Nelle and Soap Central indicates that this will shift his emotions from despair over losing his marriage to Carly to rage toward the woman at the center of the drama. Despite the truth finally being revealed to him, it sounds as if things will continue to be dramatic for Sonny and people shouldn't expect a smooth or quick reunion with Carly.

'General Hospital' star Laura Wright plays Carly
Will Carly forgive Sonny when she learns he didn't cheat on her? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Carly was angry with Jax for the secrets he kept regarding the kidney transplant, but she's also in a delicate emotional state due to her marriage crumbling. These two got pretty close the last time he was in town and General Hospital spoilers share that Carly and Jax will share some steamy moments with one another this week as well.

Elizabeth is doing her best to reassure Franco that their relationship is solid, despite her avoiding his marriage proposal and asking him to back away from Jake. GH teasers note that Elizabeth will be touched by something during Monday's show, but someone is putting Franco on notice in some way.

GH teasers also detail that Elizabeth will push Jason a bit on his insistence that Franco keep his distance from Jake, questioning why Franco needs to stay away, but Sam doesn't. Viewers might argue that this isn't exactly a fair question, but it might serve to prove a point.

Sam has started to suspect that Julian might still be alive and General Hospital spoilers detail that her investigation will continue over the next few shows. GH teasers hint that she may start to share some of her suspicions with Alexis, and Alexis will be struggling to piece everything together. There's also a shocking discovery of some sort on the way for Alexis. While viewers will have to wait and see when specifics are revealed, it does sound as if Julian will be reappearing and stunning his loved ones soon.

William deVry stars as Julian on 'General Hospital'
Will Julian be returning to Port Charles soon on 'GH'? [Image by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP]

As the week of April 10 continues, GH teasers detail that Finn will become desperate as he continues to work on his recovery. Hayden was incredibly hurt by some of what he said during his dark moments and she is said to look toward moving on this week. Griffin will step in to try to help Finn, however, General Hospital spoilers hint that Brad will decide to take advantage of the current situation and expose Finn's secrets.

Dante is determined to figure out the truth about Morgan's pills that were found at the robbery scene while Ava remains desperate to keep her tracks covered. Sonny is pushing to find out the truth about why those pills were at the robbery and Dante will keep digging as Ava does her best to stay out of the line of fire.

GH teasers suggest that there is more on the way over the next few shows regarding Charlotte, Lulu, Nina, and Valentin as well. Lulu will be quite worried about things, while Nina returns home to Valentin and he tries to smooth everything over. However, teasers hint that there's more to come with Anna and she may find a way to gain some power in this dynamic with Valentin. There are some juicy theories floating around about this storyline and viewers will be curious to see what twists and turns are on the way.

Will Nelle's confession regarding Sonny help her standing with Michael and others in Port Charles or will it backfire on her? How far will things go between Carly and Jax, and does Sonny have any shot at reuniting with his estranged wife now that he knows he didn't cheat on her? Is Julian going to be reappearing alive and relatively well soon as GH teasers hint? General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of April 10 will be a wild one and viewers will not want to miss where the action heads next.

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