Beyonce Overtakes Kim Kardashian As Most Profitable Social Media Star: How Much Does She Earn?

Beyonce has officially overtaken Kim Kardashian as the most profitable celebrity on social media, it has been reported.

The “Formation” hitmaker has, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the widest post-reach click rate out of all the celebrities who use Instagram, with close to 100 million followers watching the singer’s every move when she chooses to update her fans on anything she wishes to share.

On February 1, Beyonce stunned the world when she announced, via Instagram, that she was expecting twins. She shared the news on the photo-sharing platform, and within hours, the image gathered a whopping 7 million likes and has since accumulated an additional 3.8 million, make it the most-shared photo on the site.

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This has shown analysts and advertisers that Beyonce has an astounding influence on social media, despite the fact that she doesn’t use it in the same way that Kim Kardashian and her family is known to make the most of it.

Unlike the Kardashians, who are known to advertise other brands multiple times a week for a fixed rate that stands at an estimated $100,000 per post, Beyonce can request for a minimum of $1 million if she was to ever participate in sponsored Instagram posts.

“Kim Kardashian’s net worth has taken a big hit. Kim’s no longer one of the most profitable celebrities on social media. Instead, it’s Beyonce who has managed to clinch the top spot, as her Instagram posts are now worth a whopping $1 million dollars each,” Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals.

“A lot of Kim’s posts receive up to 200,000 likes per photo. Her photos with her children North West and Saint West manage to garner up to a million likes, but that’s nowhere near the amount of attention Beyonce gets over on her Instagram page.”

Beyonce’s Instagram videos are said to be averaging at a whopping 10 million views, while her posts are known to average at an estimated 4 million likes. While she doesn’t use the platform as much as other celebrities, she still holds on to have the biggest influence out of all the famous stars that find themselves sharing photos on the site each and every day.

So, how does Kim Kardashian feel about it?

Celeb Dirty Laundry is rather vague in trying to make sense of what the reality star’s reaction must have been since Kim was famously known to have been the biggest social media earner in 2016.

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Unlike Beyonce, however, Kim Kardashian only accumulates $1 million per month on social media whereas the “Bootylicious” singer can request that sort of money for just one Instagram post, with advertisers knowing that it will receive an astounding post reach among Beyonce’s fans and those who follow her online.

News of Beyonce reportedly being the most profitable and influential star on social media comes just weeks after the singer confirmed she will not be headlining the Coachella music festival this month, Billboard reports.

The 35-year-old noted, via her rep, that her doctor had instructed her not to pull through with the performance, fearing that the stress of being on stage for more than an hour could potentially put her pregnancy at risk.

Beyonce’s team has since confirmed that she will perform at the festival in 2018 instead.

Following the birth of her twins over the summer, Beyonce does not plan on taking a long hiatus from the music industry. Insider claim that she can’t wait to start recording new music for her fans, with plans to potentially drop a new album just in time for her Coachella gig.

Are you surprised by Beyonce’s social media influence, and do you think Kim Kardashian is as concerned as reports make her out to be in this particular situation?

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