Terrorist Attack In Sweden: ISIS Sympathizers Use Truck To Mow Down European Shoppers [Video]

A terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden, left four people dead when an ISIS sympathizer drove a stolen delivery truck into a busy shopping district. A security camera in a department store captured part of the attack. In addition to the four dead, 15 people were injured, four are in critical condition, and one pet dog was also killed.

The attack happened on Friday, April 8, at the Ahlens Mall in Drottninggatan, Sweden, a popular shopping destination. The attack comes only 16 days after a similar attack in London, where a terrorist drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster bridge, jumped out, and stabbed a police officer in Parliament Yard.

At least one, but possibly three terrorists or terrorist sympathizers carried out the attack in Sweden. Witnesses described the attack and the carnage that followed it.

“I was terrified, I am still shaking. The truck went at high speed – it crushed everything in its path. In the beginning we thought it was an explosion because of the loud sounds.”

Graphic images from the attack show a girl severed in half by the truck. One witness from the Middle East described the horror of seeing another victim whose legs were broken.

“Her feet hung loose and there was blood everywhere. I’m from the Middle East, you see very bad things on TV from Iraq, but this was terrible.”

Police have arrested a 39-year-old Uzbeki man, a father-of-four and known ISIS sympathizer, who had posted ISIS propaganda on his social media accounts and “liked” photos of the Boston Marathon bombing. The man had applied for residency in Sweden, but been denied. He avoided deportation by giving authorities a fake address.

Police arrested another, younger man in conjunction with the attack. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing up to three terrorists emerge from the vehicle.

How The Events Unfolded

A delivery truck driver for a brewery got out of the cab of his truck to deliver a caseload of beer. This was when the truck was stolen.

A man wearing a balaclava mask climbed into the truck and started driving away. The delivery driver tried to stop him, clinging to the vehicle, but was thrown off.

At 3 p.m., the truck mowed down pedestrians at the Ahlens Mall before crashing into a department store and bursting into flames. Hundreds of shoppers fled for their lives as the truck drove over people indiscriminately.

“It was like he was driving through paper.”

Witnesses say that up to three men leapt from the the flaming truck and opened fire before trying to stab shoppers. Armed terrorists were seen running into Sweden’s subway system, where two more people were stabbed. Thousands gathered after the terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden. An Uzbek man has been arrested and held on terrorism charges following the attack which killed four people and injured another 15 when the hijacked truck crashed into the front of Ahlens department store.

[Image by Michael Campanella/Getty Images]

The Aftermath

Photos show bodies of the dead covered with blankets and the blood splattered road. Survivors described their attempts to save and help the injured. A Swedish radio personality, Martin Svennigsen, described how he tried to help those hit by the truck.

“There was blood everywhere. I saw two shattered bodies and tried to save a third, but could not. I leaned back and closed his eyes.”

Firefighters quickly extinguished the flaming truck and police launched a manhunt for the terrorists. Stockholm was put on lockdown with subways and roads shut down to give police a chance to find the suspects.

They arrested one man from Uzbekistan who had been living in Sweden for several years, but was denied residency due to having sympathies for terrorist groups. Another man was arrested later that night.

This terrorist attack comes 16 days after a similar attack in London that killed five. Twelve people died in a terrorist truck attack in Berlin, Germany, last December. Nice, France, also experienced a similar terrorist attack over the summer when a truck drove into a crowd and killed 86 people.


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