WWE News: Spoiler For ‘WWE Payback’ Match, Roman Reigns Still In WWE Universal Title Picture

At WWE Payback Roman Reigns will take on Braun Strowman where the winner is likely to go on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship, and now it appears storylines have given away the winner. Roman Reigns heard the boos rain down on him this past Monday on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 33. The boos are expected to continue with Reigns this week and even could later on. WWE is apparently going to try and push the babyface Reigns still.

However, fans last week may have changed that and WWE could be pulling a character change for Roman due to the hatred he currently has and the money they could make on him as a heel. Meanwhile Braun Strowman has been getting a lot of love from the WWE fans over his past year with the company. He has improved vastly and the slow build for his character did wonders for him. Many believe WWE may be forced to switch up alignments with Braun as the good guy in this.

The two will face off at WWE Payback where the winner is set to go on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Ringside News reports that Braun Strowman is expected to win in this match, but it’ll be in some sort of “screwy finish.” The idea is that Roman will be protected that way, because he’s Roman Reigns of course. Strowman would go on to face Brock the following month most likely, and subsequently lose.

Brock and Braun

The plan is for Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam most likely, which would push for another Reigns title run. WWE wants to keep Reigns in the title picture, which would allow for Reigns to remain at the top of the card most of the year. This also means that Roman Reigns will probably not leave WWE RAW in the WWE Superstar Shake-Up this week.

It had been rumored that Roman Reigns would move to WWE SmackDown Live and AJ Styles would go to WWE RAW to replace him. Many feel that this change would be a mistake due to how good AJ and SmackDown Live are together. WWE may still not move Styles, but it looks like there has been a lot of back and forth on Roman Reigns.

If the plan all along is to have Strowman win, it would remove Reigns from the Universal Title picture and put him in the WWE Championship picture instead. This is of course only if Roman Reigns moves brands in the shake-up. Many feel it would be an interesting move if such a change happened to Roman. It would firmly tell WWE fans that the company also feels Roman is no longer “the guy.” The top guy in WWE has always remained on WWE RAW since it’s the flagship.

WWE moved John Cena to SmackDown Live to send that very message to people, in that Cena was not the top guy for WWE any longer as Roman Reigns had taken that role from him. This put Reigns on WWE RAW, which insured that WWE would show the world their choice was Roman. Despite this, Vince McMahon was actually into the idea of seeing what Finn Balor could do with the role, which is why Balor beat Reigns on his first night on the main roster.

Roman Reigns WWE UT

It put Balor in the inaugural match with Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title. Finn won, but was hurt in the process, causing plans to see his ability at the top to be put on hold. Rollins did well in the role most of the Fall, but Reigns was always planned to be put back in play come WrestleMania season. WWE then decided against that in favor of the Goldberg/Brock Lesnar story for the title and put him with The Undertaker instead.

Roman would defeat the Deadman, but it also put his top face role in a bad position as no one could retire Undertaker and still be loved by the WWE fans. All of this being said, it’ll be interesting to see how WWE uses Roman Reigns in the coming weeks. Will the boos only get worse, forcing WWE to change how they write him? Or will WWE continue to deal with the boos and allow Roman to remain on top?

Many feel Roman Reigns could be the best heel of a generation if WWE allows him to be that, or he could be the worst babyface in history. WWE just has to decide which they want in the end. Fans feel WWE is missing out on what others could do in the top face role, when it has been proven the likes of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and AJ Styles could be there. All of which have been proven draws. So a Roman Reigns heel turn would actually be “best for business,” if we want to use WWE terminology.

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