Colorado Cops Under Fire After Video Of Sorority Girl ‘Slamming’ Arrest Goes Viral

The violent arrest of an inebriated Colorado sorority girl was captured on video by a fellow pub crawler and subsequently uploaded to the internet on Saturday, where the clip quickly went viral.

Writers for Heavy explain that the disturbing visual, purportedly shot early Friday morning outside of the Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins, features several officers answering a call regarding the supposed actions of Colorado State University student Michaella Surat’s boyfriend following a brawl inside of the liquor-based establishment.

Surat was said to have found her way into the contentious matter when the 22-year-old tried to defend her beau’s honor and was subsequently thrown out of the student-based saloon, after first attempting to physically separate her boyfriend from his alleged opponent.

The incident in the video reportedly takes place sometime after the sorority girl was physically removed from the bar, with two Fort Collins officers and a security guard from a neighboring business being seen surrounding Surat, as one of the cops makes a noticeable move to cuff her, causing the waif-like and wasted Michaella to instinctively step back.

“In one motion,” the Daily Mail details, the male cop then twists “her arm down, forcing her to flip on to her stomach and hit the ground,” face first.

Audible sounds of disbelief ring out on the video almost immediately after Surat is slammed and one bystander, a male, actually tries to rush forward to the sorority girl to check on her safety, but he is tackled just as quickly by the lone security guard as the Colorado cops proceed to carry out the arrest.

The entire nine-second event can be seen below. Please be advised that it might be disturbing for some readers to view.

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As most might expect, those who came across the intense interaction during their recent internet travels believed that the Fort Collins officers were clearly in the wrong, with an Instagram user leaving a short, but succinct “not cool.”

Be that as it may, however, Fort Collins police spokeswoman Kate Kimble relayed to The Coloradoan that the troubling imagery doesn’t tell the entire story, in the sense that everything that occurred before Surat’s arrest, from her boyfriend’s brawl to her subsequent seizure by police, was amplified by the sorority girl herself.

“While officers were gathering information from employees about the reported [bar] fight [with her boyfriend],” Ms. Kimble remarked, “[Surat] shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer, [before pulling] her boyfriend from the area,” she went on to say.

The officer that Surat supposedly assaulted, Ms. Kimble continued, reportedly offered her male lover the chance to walk away from the incident inside of the bar without being ticketed, but told the female Colorado college student that she wasn’t allowed to do so after assaulting him, causing the sorority girl to become even more belligerent and brash.

colorado sorority girl video
Bar brawler Michaella Surat reportedly attends Colorado State University and is a member of a publicly-unnamed sorority. [Image by Spilly816/Wikimedia Commons |

“The officers told her that her boyfriend was not free to leave but that she could go, [but] she [was ordered to] remain at the scene, at which time she physically obstructed and struck an officer.”

The footage taken at the bar purportedly only shows what happened following Surat hitting the officer, and the law official using “standard arrest control” to tame the tiny-sized terror.

Along with the video shared on Instagram, Kimble says there is ample footage from the body-worn cameras that all District 1 police officers are made to wear, but it cannot be made public until the investigation regarding Surat is fully wrapped.

“As this is still an open case, body camera video is not being released at this time,” she concluded.

Sorority girl Surat is now facing charges of third-degree assault and police officer obstruction for her alleged, off-video actions. Kimble had made no mention of any future court dates for the collegiate.

[Featured Image by Larimer County Jail]