WWE News: Bill Goldberg May Be Making Yet Another WWE Comeback

Pro-Wrestling Legend and former WWE World Champion Bill Goldberg may have made people think his time in wrestling was done after WrestleMania 33, but that does not seem to be the case. Goldberg lost his WWE Universal Title to Brock Lesnar after the two fought at the show of shows, and on the WWE Network right after WWE RAW it seemed like WWE was trying to push that Goldberg was calling it quits from the world of pro-wrestling.

Goldberg had been saying that the grind to come back was a rough one, and at times he was miserable due to the work. Getting back in shape to return to pro wrestling at 50, and to try and be the Goldberg from the past is certainly a tough thing to do. Goldberg worked his butt off, but many fans felt that he could have worked longer matches and made the matches better that he was in. The longest match was around five minutes long.

He did bring back the hard, stiff hits and of course the intensity that people liked about Goldberg from WCW. His original, one year run in the WWE was seen as an overall flop with Goldberg being difficult to work with and considered to be an “a**hole” by many who had to deal with him. However, in his comeback to the WWE he was older and wiser and seemed to be all about being a company guy and a superhero for kids, including his own son.

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His last run seemed to go over well for the most part. Merchandise sales looked good and television ratings did not dip, but rather ran pretty smooth with him there. The Wrestling Observer noted this as well, claiming his character was really hot when it came to merchandise sales and with fans. It was also noted that Goldberg had been delivering better promos, which Goldberg attributes to WWE not scripting him very much and letting him be himself.

WWE also did not want Goldberg to go according to The Observer. Goldberg said on the WWE Network on Monday to “never say never.” Most took this as Goldberg saying he was not done, and if WWE wanted to use him again he would most likely end up doing the show. The big thing for WWE is that they might need Goldberg to return during WrestleMania season next year.

The Undertaker recently retired it appears and The Rock is very busy with movies, making it difficult for him to even be at the show every year, much less in a match. That just leaves Kurt Angle and Triple H, and it is still unknown if Angle will pass a WWE physical yet. Most assume he can, but it has not been done as of now so it’ll be a waiting game for the time being.

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Goldberg did not have a lot of time to get back to the Goldberg of years ago. He’s also 50 years old now, so trying to do things like he did before is going to be tougher just simply because age is certainly a factor. Goldberg rarely wrestled with a mass move-set and rarely had long matches with a lot of bumps involved. His style of wrestling is kind of a gone art, as today’s fan likes to watch the wrestlers wrestle…which is why the independents have risen to prominence to the online fan.

The style of wrestling from the 80’s and 90’s does not land as well with fans, as they prefer a Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels type of wrestler mostly, in comparison to the big guys. The average size of a wrestler today is also around 215 to 220 pounds in the WWE. In the 90’s, WWE called those people “light heavyweights.” With that being said, a lot of things have shifted, and Goldberg would do well to see the change and shift his style a bit so he could fit in within the new age working style.

People were against the Goldberg comeback, but Bill was able to surprise some WWE fans with his abilities. However, he did not prove much in terms of being a better wrestler. If he works on that this year and returns next year to work with a full-time talent at WrestleMania, he could certainly have a key role in WWE for years to come as a go-to worker for major events when WWE needs a surge.

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