North Korea To Declare War Against U.S. Soon? Fears Grow As Navy Ships Close In

North Korea, Asia’s nuclear-capable dark horse, has issued a grave statement to the United States, after the Western superpower deployed a Navy strike group to the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong-un, the leader of the hermit Communist state, has stated that by sending its warships toward Korean waters, the United States has just placed itself on the “brink of war.”

North Korea’s ambassador in Moscow has echoed the Communist leader’s sentiments, warning the United States that the Asian nuclear nation is prepared to deliver “the most ruthless blow” if the Western superpower gives even the “smallest provocation,” according to a Metro report.

North Korea has been particularly livid over the United States’ recent attack on Syria. Last Thursday, the United States military launched a full-fledged airstrike against the Syrian government. According to the U.S., the attack was an act of retaliation against a revolting chemical attack that took the lives of 86 individuals, including 28 children. The airstrike, which was initiated by the United States, has greatly angered North Korea, a close ally of Syria.

According to the Asian Communist state, the U.S.’s actions against the Middle Eastern nation was an “intolerable act of aggression against a sovereign state.” North Korea further said that the U.S. airstrike against the Syrian government is the very reason why its controversial nuclear program was entirely justified.

U.S. president Donald Trump, for his part, has taken a definitive stance against the Asian state. During a recent state visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping, Trump was adamant about what the two superpowers must do about the emerging nuclear threat. China, a longtime ally of North Korea, has condemned its ally’s actions in the past, though the Asian economic behemoth has largely been reluctant to put too much pressure on the Communist state, according to a BBC report.

In a number of ways, China’s reservations are entirely warranted. If it severs ties with North Korea, China might end up causing the collapse of the Asian nation, which would most likely result in a massive refugee crisis. North Korea’s collapse would also result in the United States military entering the region, something that China has so far tried to avoid.

Despite China’s reluctance, however, Trump has stated that the North Korea problem must be addressed immediately. In a recent interview, the U.S. president said that the United States would begin to deal with North Korea, with or without China’s cooperation.

“If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will,” Trump stated.

Trump has mostly backed up his words, with the U.S. Navy deploying an advanced Navy strike group to the Korean Peninsula. The assault team, called the Carl Vinson Strike Group, is comprised of the USS Carl Vinson, two guided-missile destroyers, and a guided-missile cruiser. The warships, which were initially deployed to make port calls in Australia, have been ordered to head towards West Pacific waters instead.

What makes the Carl Vinson Strike Group dangerous is the team’s massive firepower. Apart from its formidable attack capabilities, however, the group also specializes in the interception of ballistic missiles. If North Korea does fire one of its missiles against the United States, or any other country for that matter, the Navy strike group would be able to counterattack the launched weapon. U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham stated that currently, the Navy warships are focused on one thing alone — dealing with the North Korean threat.

“The number one threat in the region continues to be North Korea, due to its reckless, irresponsible and destabilizing program of missile tests and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.”

As the Navy warships close in on the Korean Peninsula, tensions between North Korea and the United States continue to escalate.

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]