Watching April The Giraffe Live? Here’s Some Adorable Zoo Births You May Have Missed

Have you become obsessed with watching the April the giraffe live feed? At some point, the world’s most famous giraffe is going to go into active labor. Hopefully, when that happens, the Animal Adventure Park’s live YouTube feed won’t crash as it has several times already. Either way, though, one thing is certain; the entire world is waiting impatiently to see the fourth child of April the giraffe.

Even the park staff doesn’t know the gender yet, which is undoubtedly part of the appeal. There has been a lot of controversy over the park using the universal love for April the giraffe to raise money, but the reality is that this will help them improve her habit and provide a better future for her newborn son or daughter.

In the meantime, there have been some adorable zoo births in other areas that have been eclipsed by April’s popularity. If you’re looking for the perfect way to take a short break from April the giraffe and the live, but extremely long, countdown to active labor, there are several other animal babies to check out!

Baby Hippo Born in Memphis, Tennessee

People have been fascinated by the fact that April the giraffe’s child could weigh as much as 220 pounds at birth. The baby hippo that was born at the Memphis Zoo on March 23 may have been only 76 pounds, but that’s still a big bundle of joy for her mother, Bitni.

Hippo and baby animal fans who wish to see the newborn live can now do so at the Memphis Zoo. A naming contest is being held for the baby Nile hippopotamus. People who wish to participate can visit the Memphis Zoo website and choose between five options: Asha, Cleo, Venus, Winnie, and Zuri. The winning name will be announced on April 14.

Baby Giraffe Born in Toledo, Ohio

If you’ve been hooked on the live feed for April the giraffe, you may have missed the birth of another giraffe calf earlier this week! The Toledo Zoo recently announced that a baby calf was born on the premises on Monday, April 3. This Masai giraffe’s birth wasn’t covered by the media or a live stream, but the video the zoo released shows her in all of her adorable glory.

The baby has been named Kipenzi, and she and her family are being kept off display while they bond. Zoo visitors can expect to see the baby giraffe by the summertime.

Memphis Zoo Has a Baby Giraffe Birth

April Giraffe Live

Memphis is apparently the place to go to see adorable baby animals as the zoo also welcomed a newborn giraffe into the world on April 3. According to Fox News, the baby giraffe was born in front of awestruck zoo visitors. This definitely beats a live stream for the lucky few who were in attendance, but the birth was also described as “kind of gross” by witness Stacy Helms. Keep this in mind if you’re watching live when April the giraffe gives birth.

Unfortunately, the mother, Akili, didn’t exhibit typical maternal behavior. Therefore, the baby boy will be hand raised by zoo staff. Per local news affiliate WREG, this isn’t uncommon, especially for first-time giraffe mothers. In the wild, this could have ended in the baby giraffe’s death, but zookeepers will be able to help the youngsters grow and thrive.

Next Year’s Hottest Zoo Birth

April Giraffe Live

Although the baby isn’t due until the spring of 2018, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is already teasing the arrival of a black rhino. It’s unclear if the zoo will invite everyone along with a live stream or if we’ll have to wait until after the birth to learn more, but the rhino is virtually certain to attract a lot of attention next year.

As you can see, adorable baby animals are born at zoos on a regular basis. April the giraffe and her soon to be born calf have caught everyone’s attention with a live stream, but you don’t have to wait any longer if you want to see a newborn baby in action.

[Featured Image by Getty Images, Handout/Getty Images]