The Undertaker: Top Six Interesting Facts About The WWE Legend

As he retired recently, here are six interesting facts you should know about legendary WWE superstar, The Undertaker.


1.The Undertaker was expected to debut as The Eggman

Mark William Callaway, aka the Undertaker, wrestled under various gimmicks, Texas Red, “Mean” Mark Callous, Master of Pain for the WCCW and WCW. He later appeared as the Undertaker in the Survivor series in 1990. But few people know that Taker was scheduled to appear as The Eggman gimmick.

Before the 1990 Survivor series at various WWE events, a big egg was put on display which was then promoted as a big thing. Later the egg hatched from which a man named Gobbledy Gooker appeared as a turkey. The gimmick failed to become popular and soon vanished.

The Undertaker as the Eggman never happened. Otherwise the world would miss out on one of the iconic characters in the professional wrestling.

2. The Undertaker has officially never lost a match by submission

The legend never yielded in his 27 year professional career. There is, however, one incident on July 4, 2004 in which Undertaker tapped out to Kurt angle. He tapped out at the same time while pinning Kurt angle for a three count. Bewildered about the result, the referee ended the match as a draw. That was the first and last time Mark William tapped out in his professional career.

3. He nearly choked Kurt Angle out


This incident happened not inside the ring, but in real life. The story involved Vince McMohan, Kurt Angle, and the Undertaker during a flight from the U.S. to London. McMohan had once playfully jumped on Kurt angle backstage putting him down on floor for fun. So, during the flight Kurt Angle decided to take revenge, rather playfully.

When Kurt was taking down McMohan in a playful exchange, the noise was too loud which woke up an asleep Undertaker. After he saw a retaliating McMohan in an apparent fight against Kurt Angle, Taker grabbed Kurt by his throat and nearly choked him out.

If the choking had gone for a little longer, it could have been end of the world for the Olympic goal medalist.

4. The man has a phobia of cucumbers

The Undertaker is unbeliebably afraid of the cucumbers.
The Undertaker is unbeliebably afraid of the cucumbers.

It seems weird that the man who is feared widely in wresting has an uncontrollable fear of cucumbers.

In an instance involving Paul Bearer, once the Undertaker exposed him of his little secret of peeing own pants among the peers in the backstage of WWE. The incident had happened when Mark William forced Bearer to refill gas in a station while Bearer wanted to go to the bathroom to answer nature’s call.

So in revenge, Bearer revealed the fact that the Undertaker was frightened and almost puked after he filled Taker’s hat with cucumbers and shown to him.

5. Basketball history

Few people know that many years before the Undertaker entered in the professional wrestling, he was pursuing a career in basketball. The man was standout basketball player in high school and after the high school, Taker went to Texas Wesleyan University where he was a member of the college team during the 1985-86 season. But his basketball career was over prematurely after the legend decided to enter in professional wrestling, and became the immortal figure he is today.

6. Kane “The Undertaker”

The Undertaker and ECW Champion Kane stand in the ring as the look down to Bam Neely Chavo Guerrero and The Great Khali during WWE Smackdown.
The Undertaker and Kane in a WWE Smackdown match. [Image by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images]

Mark William’s ring name was originally planned to be Kane “The Undertaker”. However, the moniker Kane didn’t last long and was dropped soon. Later, his stage half-brother Glenn Jacobs debuted as Kane who became the man Undertaker faced most in his 27 year old pro career.

As it appears, it was a good thing that WWE removed the name Kane from the Phenom’s name. The name “the Undertaker” was always more thrilling and exciting. Don’t you think so?

[Featured Image by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images]