After Mama June Weight Loss 2017, She Has Much In Common With Reality Star Kate Gosselin

While fans are debating whether June Shannon, best known as Mama June, really lost enough weight, and had enough plastic surgery to make her a size four, they are also thinking that her full makeover overhaul is making her look like another reality mom who had a total makeover, and that is Kate Gosselin. Sure, both women have had a complete and somewhat eery transformation, but from the bleach-blonde hair to facial plastic surgery, Mama June and Kate Gosselin truly look alike, and even social media reflects this.

Sure, it seems as if Mama June and Kate Gosselin have done the work, and spent time in the gym, but it’s hard not to see a bit of the “Kardashian effect” at work, says the Inquisitr. The Kardashian effect indicates that when people don’t like their looks, they can transform into what looks like another person, and even women under 18 are now morphing their faces with filler and Botox. It is called the Kardashian effect as nearly every person in that family looks nothing like they looked ten years ago. Khloe Kardashian in particular has had work done to look more like her older sisters Kim and Kourtney after rumors circulated that she wasn’t really a Kardashian.


And it’s true that both Mama June and Kate Gosselin lost massive weight, and afterwards needed plastic surgery to cope with extra skin from head to toe, but beyond the laundry list of surgeries, they truly seem to look alike, or are at least being styled alike in that reality TV kind of way.


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Kate Gosselin had twins, and then soon after had sextuplets, leading to a body (including a face) that was stretched out beyond the normal boundaries of pregnancy. Though Mama June also has children, her before body and face were due to a sedentary lifestyle and horrible diet. Before the make0ver, Mama June was morbidly obese. She required bariatric surgery, including a gastric bypass to kick-start her weight loss, which then led to loose skin all over. From neglect, Mama June also needed major dental procedure, and most of her teeth needed to be replaced with crowns or caps.

Kate Gosselin lost most of her weight the conventional way after giving birth to her sextuplets, but that left her body devastated. Both women had excess skin removed, a breast lift and implants, cool sculpting, Botox, and a body lift.


Twitter has lit up with comparisons between Mama June and Kate Gosselin wondering whether or not others see how much the two look alike. Fans reached out to ask if they were alone in noticing the likeness.

“Am I the only one who thinks thin Mama June looks like a sleepy Kate Gosselin? I’ve only seen one photo, but it’s uncanny.”

Since Kate Gosselin reportedly had more than one transformation, people made note that Mama June looks more like old Kate than new Kate does.

“New looks more like old Kate Gosselin than actual Kate Gosselin does.”


Others on social media believe that the likeness between Mama June is part of something bigger.

“Does anyone else think actually just looks like Kate Gosselin now? Are we sure they weren’t just the same person?


And lastly, others believe that Mama June and Kate Gosselin might have simply hired the same surgeon and stylist, but no matter how they got to this point, they are looking at least like relatives at this point.

Do you think Mama June from the show From Not To Hot and Kate Gosselin look alike?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]