Mel B: Ex-Nanny Lorraine Gilles Is Holding My Sex Tapes

New court documents reveal that former Spice Girl, Mel B, believes that her former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, is holding her sex tapes, allegedly for extortion. Mel B had earlier alleged that her husband, Stephen Belafonte, got nanny Gilles pregnant and later paid for her abortion.

TMZ reported that Mel B’s lawyers Larry Bakman and Susan Wiesner claimed in court on Friday, that Belafonte had threatened repeatedly to smear Mel’s name and destroy her good reputation by releasing her sex tapes. The lawyers claimed that Belafonte has been using the threats as a way of maintaining control over Mel B and that Mel has been living in fear that her former nanny, Gilles, 25, or her husband, Belanfonte, 41, could release the sex tapes.


Mel believes that Gilles and Belafonte are working together to use the sex tapes for extortion against her. She claimed in the court documents that Gilles got pregnant with her husband while she was working with them and that her husband got her to abort the pregnancy.

According to the court documents, Belafonte often taunted Mel by holding up his phone and saying, “It’s just one click away.”

By this he meant that he could send out a sex tape of her with only one click and destroy her reputation and her career.

“[He] would regularly hold up his phone to [Mel] and point to a video file and say, ‘it’s just one click away,’ meaning that with one click he could send out a video and her career would be over,” according to the court documents filed on Friday, April 7.

And because of the repeated sex tape threats, Mel B has allegedly lived in fear for a decade. Mel also alleged that her husband revealed to her that their former nanny also has possession of some of her sex tapes.


“He [Stephen] has admitted to me that our former nanny, Lorraine, maintains possession and control over the media such that I could never have anyone locate the tapes so as to obtain and destroy the same,” Mel B said, according to the court documents.

Mel believes that some of her sex tapes, along with 12-15 boxes containing Spice Girls memorabilia and personal photos, including photos of her dad, are being kept in a storage locker that has the user name “Loraine Gilles,” according to Hollywood Life.

She believes that Lorraine is working in concert with Belafonte by keeping some of the sex tapes, including boxes containing her Spice Girls memorabilia and personal photos. She also believes that Gilles and Belafonte could be working together to use the sex tapes for extortion.


“I believe that Lorraine and [Belafonte] are acting in concert to deprive me of my personal belongings by either destroying or disseminating said belongings,” Mel B said, according to the court documents.

Mel B has repeatedly asked Gilles for the keys to the storage locker, but Gilles has ignored her request.

The latest allegations come after a judge issued a restraining order on Friday blocking Belafonte from making verbal and physical contact with Mel B or any of their children. It also barred him from distributing videos or pictures of Mel B.

Mel had filed documents at a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, accusing Belafonte, 41, of subjecting her to emotional and physical abuse during 10 years of their marriage. She accused him of forcing her to participate in threesomes at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, and later threatened to release the sex tapes.

Belafonte reacted to the allegations, saying that they were “outrageous and unfounded,” and that Mel was engaging in a “smear campaign intended to cover up her own conduct during the marriage,” according to the Inquisitr.

Mel had earlier filed for divorce from her husband after 10 years of marriage.

According to Hollywood Life, Belafonte appeared to have made the threats Mel B reported in the court documents after she filed for divorce and just before she filed for a restraining order.

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