Harry Styles ‘Baby Fever’ Fake News: Exclusive Report On Ex-One Direction Member’s Daddy Thoughts Debunked

A Harry Styles “baby fever” report has emerged online as the now-solo artist unleashes his first debut single “Sign of The Times.”

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the former One Direction member may be catching “baby fever” after his former bandmates Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson became fathers.

“Has Harry Styles caught the baby bug?” the report begins, adding how the 23-year-old singer may be feeling a bit envious of his buddies.

“After watching his buds Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson become fathers recently, Harry may be feeling a little left out! After all, he’s said he LOVES being an ‘uncle’ to his bandmates’ kids.”

A previous report from the outlet cited Harry’s interview with The Morning Mashup where he gushed over his two “nephews” with his One Direction brothers, Liam and Louis, before the Harry Styles baby fever piece went out.

“I’ve spoken to both of them and they’re super happy and it’s a pretty amazing thing. It’s pretty great to watch,” he said, adding that witnessing his friends and “nephews” together is “really amazing.”

Because of this, Hollywood Life decided to spin an article about how the 23-year-old musician felt about it and whether he would want a kid of his own soon.

While fans may be hoping for a “yes” on that matter, the Harry Styles baby fever article went on to reveal that the singer “feels nowhere near ready to have a child,” as he launches his solo career with his debut single “Sign of The Times” released on April 7.

Quoting an unnamed insider, Hollywood Life said that his plans involve focusing on his career.

“Seeing his mates from 1D having children and becoming fathers has not changed his mind on the subject at all. He doesn’t plan to or want to be a Dad anytime soon. He is enjoying being single and doing his thing!”

But while the article clarified its seemingly misleading click-bait headline and lead talking about Harry Styles’ baby fever, the Gossip Cop still debunked it and dubbed as to be not well-researched.

According to the fact checking website, the piece appeared “mere hours” after the singer was interviewed about Liam and Louis becoming fathers, making it a wee bit suspicious to say the least.

“Just shortly after the singer spoke about Payne and Tomlinson as dads, ‘HollywoodLies’ magically had an ‘insider’ telling the site all about Styles’ own plans for fatherhood.”

The outlet further noted that the issue was not a matter of delivering the truth but the website’s claims of having “exclusive” knowledge about the artist’s personal life which “was seemingly made up out of whole cloth.”

Gossip Cop then revealed that after probing the matter, they found out that there is “no one legitimately close to the British star would be discussing such matters,” especially hours following his radio interview discussing a related topic.

The site then went on to talk about Hollywood Life’s notorious reputation for making up stories about celebrities in hopes of gaining traffic on their website and concluded that the Harry Styles baby fever article is made up.

“The content may be original and exclusive, but it’s wholly manufactured. That seems to be what’s happening here now with Styles, and it certainly isn’t the first time.”

Rumors about the former 1D member become hotter by the minute as his solo career starts to gain momentum in the music industry.


While he doesn’t intend to be a father anytime soon, Harry remains supportive of his band mates who both welcomed sons in March.

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[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]