Is Nikki Bella Leaving WWE After John Cena's Surprise Proposal At WrestleMania?

Nikki Bella's time in the ring is over – at least for now. The wrestling star just announced that she's leaving wrestling after accepting John Cena's proposal during WrestleMania 33. Will the WWE still televise the wedding?

According to OK Magazine, Bella always knew that her return to wrestling wouldn't be permanent after her latest injury. Bella revealed that the doctors discovered problems with her back during a recent scan and she knew that her match with Cena was going to be her last. With a wedding ahead of her and time to heal, Bella hopes that she can return to the ring at some point in the future.

In the meantime, Bella was happy with how everything played out during WrestleMania. According to Fox Sports, Bella and Cena joined forces to take down The Miz and Maryse, who poked fun of Bella's show, Total Bellas, before the match. Bella explained that she thought their impersonations were hilarious and she was just happy to be with Cena for the event.

Bella and Cena were forced to keep their romance away from the ring for years. Although WWE allowed them more freedom on Total Bellas and Total Divas, they didn't want Cena having his girl at his side before matches. This was largely due to Cena's loyal fan base, many of whom didn't like to see him with a lady in the ring.

Fortunately, that all changed and Cena managed to convince Bella to tag team with him on wrestling's biggest night. Of course, the biggest surprise came when Cena dropped to one knee and proposed to Bella in front of a sold-out stadium. Although their wedding is still ways off, Bella told E! News that she definitely wants to televise the ceremony. The only hurdle is convincing Cena to play along.

"I'm definitely willing to film it for sure. I feel like I've taken people on this incredible journey on Total Divas and Total Bellas. They have seen me cry, get angry and be so many different ways about marriage," she explained.

Bella added that she also doesn't want a camera crew to take anything away from the ceremony. As long as she and Cena can still share a special moment, it sounds like Bella is willing to televise the wedding. Until then, Bella hasn't even started making plans for the big day.

"I haven't looked at dresses. I kind of want to lock in that date. It's just so hard with our schedules," she explained.
"I just want it to be a time where we are excited to be together and have family and we feel alive and fresh and I just hope there's a week in our lives where we can just dedicate to that week with friends and family and we get the most special day of our lives."
Bella was aware of the proposal rumors ahead of the big match. She didn't, however, suspect that Cena would actually pop the big question and was taken by complete surprise.While Cena and Bella are ready to start a new life together, Daily Mail reports that they will not be having any kids. Fans have long wondered if Cena and Bella would reach an agreement on the subject of children and it sounds like Bella has finally agreed not to have any.

"I've been getting that question a lot, let me tell you. No, there won't be," Bella revealed.

"John doesn't want kids, so we're not gonna have kids."
Bella and Cena have not announced an official wedding date.

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