Harry Styles Reveals The 'Wrong And Weird' Dating Habit He Kicked, Talks New Music

Harry Styles will drop his first solo single, "Sign of the Times," in less than 24 hours, and what better way to drum up publicity for the song than by talking about his dating life?

Earlier today, Harry Styles began promoting his new single by chatting with Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, but the One Direction star didn't just talk about "Sign of the Times." Harry and Nick are good friends, so the radio host didn't shy away from asking Harry a few personal questions. One of them was obviously if Harry is dating anyone, but the singer had no relationship news to share; his love life has suffered for his art. Harry simply hasn't had time for romance because he's been so busy working on his upcoming album and filming the movie Dunkirk.

"I haven't dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie then did the album so I haven't in a while," Styles said, according to Vogue. "I have a couple of candles left still though."

Whenever Harry Styles does decide to brave the hectic world of celebrity dating again, there are two things he has sworn that he will not do: He won't use a dating website or app, and he won't use Google to research his dates. When the women you choose to pursue include mega stars like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner, you can learn a lot about them from the internet. However, Styles has discovered that looking up information about his dates online can lead to disappointment.
"I used to [research dates], then I said I'm not going to do that anymore, it's impossible to go in without a perception of someone and you've never met them and I started feeling like that was wrong and weird."
But what would Harry Styles list as his best physical attribute if he were to fill out a questionnaire on an online dating site? According to the One Direction star, what makes him beautiful isn't his famous curly hair or those green eyes that leave so many teen girls feeling overwhelmed.

"Best trait I don't know, it's weird to pick your best," Harry said, according to Perez Hilton. "Shall we go with the nipples thing?"

As many One Direction fans know, Harry is the proud owner of two extra nipples.

"Still got them, managed to keep them. Maybe I just hide them in limited edition albums, like golden tickets," Harry joked. "I'll hold onto them."

Harry Styles didn't just talk about dating and nipples during his interview with Nick Grimshaw; he also shared a little insight into his solo songwriting process. As Bustle reports, the singer revealed that he headed to Jamaica to get in the right head space. Styles wrote 70 songs during his stay in the Caribbean island country, so getting away from it all proved to be a smart move.

"I just wanted to not be somewhere that I'd get distracted. It was 360 of writing, you'd go home for dinner, write at the house then go back to the studio. I liked being away from everything and doing it like that."
Harry Styles said that he set out to make the kind of music that he enjoys rocking out to, and he succeeded in doing just that. He also set expectations really high by describing his upcoming record as his "favorite album to listen to at the moment."

Harry also revealed which of his new songs is his favorite, and fans won't have to wait long to hear it.

"It's the debut single I'm most proud of writing," Styles said. "This is the first thing where for sure I feel like I have a job again."

"Sign of the Times" will debut Friday on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show, and Billboard reports that Harry Styles will perform the song live for the first time on the April 15 episode of Saturday Night Live.

[Featured Image by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]