Pregnant Brie Bella: Everything You Wanted To Know About Brie’s Pregnancy Now

Brie Bella is now blissfully pregnant, and in around one month’s time, she and husband Bryan Danielson (known as Daniel Bryan when he’s wrestling) are expecting their first child together. Brie is certain to be getting all the help she needs while she is pregnant, as she not only shares a home with Bryan, but also with her twin sister, Nikki Bella, and Nikki’s husband-to-be John Cena. John Cena recently proposed to Nikki Bella in very public fashion at the end of a WrestleMania 33 match, according to the Inquisitr, so it is sure to be a full house for Brie Bella and her future baby.

Pregnancy is going extremely well right now for Brie Bella, although during Bella’s first trimester, she did suffer heavily from both migraines and fatigue, as Fit Pregnancy reported.

“I suffered from migraines during my first trimester, plus a lot of fatigue, but I had zero morning sickness. I usually have lots of energy, so I couldn’t believe how pregnancy put me on my butt. Now that I’m heading into my third trimester, though, I sometimes look down and think, ‘Oh yeah, I’m pregnant.’ I like that it hasn’t really stopped me from doing anything.”

Brie Bella before she was pregnant with husband Bryan Danielson at WWE's 2014 SuperStars For Kids on April 3, 2014.

For those not in the know, Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson discovered early in their pregnancy that they are expecting a girl and have already decided upon her name. Birdy Joe Danielson is the special name that Brie and Bryan have chosen and there is a very important reason for this. Birdy’s middle name, Joe, is taken from Brie Bella’s grandfather Joseph, who Bella says “meant the world” to her. The name Birdy came about because it appears that on Danielson’s side of the family nearly everybody is a “B.”

“Birdy is because my husband and his whole family are B’s. And he married me, a B too, so his one request was that our kids have B names. I didn’t realize how hard it was to find girl B names, but we both came across Birdy and knew that was it!”

Far from being worried about pregnancy and labor, Brie Bella is relishing her pregnancy right now and is even looking forward to labor as she has been preparing to have a natural childbirth. While she knows it will be painful, she is also aware that birth is an important rite of passage and points out that wrestling can be extremely painful as well. And if she’s been able to withstand the ring, she believes that she can certainly give birth naturally as well.

“I’m preparing for a natural birth. But I know I can stand pain because of my career. I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into a ring and was told to flip myself over another person—to do the ‘sunset flip.’ It hurt so badly. Childbirth is going to be more painful than wrestling, but I know I will survive.”

Aside from natural childbirth, Brie Bella is choosing to go completely natural with all other things too once she gives birth. This includes using chemical-free, reusable diapers and also breastfeeding, something that Bella has already embraced and is looking forward to, calling it “the most fascinating thing in the world to me.”

Brie Bella with twin sister Nikki Bella in Los Angeles on October 31, 2016.

Even though Brie Bella was unable to continue with her Barre classes past the first trimester of her pregnancy, she is now doing plenty of hiking to stay fit. Entertainment Tonight reports that Brie credits living in Arizona with her newfound love of hiking as there are so many beautiful spaces available to hike in, such as mountains and the desert.

As far as food goes, does Brie Bella have any particularly odd food cravings during her pregnancy right now? As she claims to not be overly fond of pickles and ice cream in general, it appears that Bella is mainly craving carbs in the form of bagels. Besides eating fruit, she has said that if she eats bagels every day, she feels like she is “in heaven.”

Brie Bella is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy, and it won’t be long now before she and Bryan Danielson will be welcoming their new daughter to the world.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]