‘Poldark’ Season 3: PBS Release Date Confirmed, BBC 1’s Closing In — When Episode 1 Premieres On Masterpiece

The release date for Poldark Season 3 on PBS Masterpiece has officially been announced on PBS’ website. Mark Sunday, October 1, 2017, on your calendars because that is when Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) and company, will return to PBS Masterpiece. That means PBS fans will have to wait a while after BBC One’s audience to watch Poldark Season 3 unfold.

In an exclusive, Radio Times revealed that Poldark Season 3 would premiere in June, 2017, on BBC One. BBC did not disclose a specific release date for Poldark Season 3. However, the release date can be narrowed down. According to Radio Times, a BBC spokeswoman said that Poldark Season 3 would premiere in June, and air on “Sunday nights.”

A quick look at the calendar reveals the four possibilities for Poldark Season 3’s release date on BBC One. Those dates include the first Sunday in June (June 4), followed by June 11, June 18, and the final Sunday night slot, June 25.

Digital Spy has confirmed that Poldark Season 3 will include nine total episodes. Depending on when Poldark Season 3 premieres on BBC One, Poldark Season 3 should finish airing sometime in August. PBS Masterpiece fans will have to wait roughly two more months after the Poldark Season 3 finale on BBC One to watch the premiere of Poldark Season 3 on PBS, starting on October 1.

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What should Poldark fans expect in Season 3?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Poldark Season 3 will see an influx of new faces, as well as the return of familiar ones. Sadly, according to the Telegraph, one fan favorite, Jud (Phil Davis), will not be among those returning for Poldark Season 3. As the Inquisitr revealed, Poldark fans actually received quite an insightful peek at Poldark Season 3, thanks to the initial teaser trailer released by BBC, and PBS Masterpiece, back in November, 2016.

Is there an official, full-length trailer for Poldark Season 3?

Not yet. So far, Poldark fans only have the Season 3 teaser trailer released in November, 2016, to tide them over. As the Inquisitr relayed, there are more Poldark Season 3 spoilers present than might have initially met the eye.

What is the latest Poldark Season 3 casting news?

On April 4, the official Twitter account for Poldark confirmed that actress Ciara Charteris had been cast on Poldark Season 3 as Emma Tregirls. Emma joins the previously announced Poldark Season 3 casting of fellow Tregirls Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder) by Radio Times. According to Digital Spy, Emma will be a love interest for Demelza’s brother, Sam (Tom York), in Poldark Season 3.

On March 23, the official Poldark Twitter account tweeted the news that actor Will Merrick would join the cast of Poldark Season 3, in the role of Arthur Solway. The previous day, Poldark‘s Twitter also confirmed the casting of actor John Hopkins as Sir Francis Basset. Interestingly, the Poldark Twitter account did not state whether Hopkins would be joining the Poldark cast in Season 3, though he presumably is.

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With Digital Spy confirming that Demelza Poldark’s brothers will be joining the cast of Poldark Season 3, along with Elizabeth’s cousin, Poldark fans should expect Season 3 to be a family affair. Having Demelza’s brothers on hand should be interesting.

How will they react to the events of Poldark Season 2? Will they harbor any ill will towards their brother-in-law, Ross? Or will they never find anything out to begin with?

Need a quick refresher on where Poldark, left off?

When Poldark Season 2 concluded, Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza’s marriage was hanging on by a thread. Having finally expressed true remorse for his fling with Elizabeth (Heida Reed), Ross was able to persuade a fed-up Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) to stay with him at Nampara, presumably giving their marriage a second chance. While Ross was able to put one fire out, another started to smolder a short distance away.

In some of the final moments of Poldark Season 2, Ross’ aunt, Agatha, expressed some dire thoughts concerning the paternity of Elizabeth’s baby. Aunt Agatha’s foreboding words struck a note of shock in Elizabeth and cast a disquieting shadow over the future of Ross and Demelza’s marriage. Will Ross and Demelza be able to overcome this challenging situation?

Tune into Poldark Season 3 to find out. Poldark Season 3 premieres on PBS Masterpiece, October 1, 2017, and on BBC One, in June, 2017.

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