‘Poldark’ Season 3: PBS, BBC Teaser Trailer – 3 Spoilers You Might Have Missed

It has been several months, since BBC One released its first teaser trailer for Poldark Season 3. PBS posted the teaser trailer on YouTube, in late November 2016. So until a new Poldark Season 3 trailer is released, fans will have to work with what they have. Listed below are three spoilers viewers might have missed from the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer.

Even though fans’ first peek at Poldark Season 3, only lasts thirty-three seconds, it is a very telling half-minute. There are glimpses of many familiar characters, including Ross Poldark, and his supportive wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), as well as several new ones. For more, mild Poldark spoilers, and lots of Season 3 speculation, continue reading.

Spoiler #1: Is Ross readying for combat in Poldark Season 3?

While Ross (Aidan Turner) put down his military uniform to return to his family at the end of Poldark Season 2, he appears to be gearing up for some other uniformed endeavor, in Season 3. In the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer, Ross is shown walking in front of a group of armed men lined up, shoulder to shoulder, as he looks upon them intently.

The Poldark Season 3 trailer then cuts away, before returning to what appears to be the same scene, at the eleven-second mark. Dr. Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) is among the men shown. Curiously, all the men are wearing burgundy scarves around their necks, suggesting some sort of uniformed tie between them. Is this the start of a Ross Poldark-led militia?

In case any Poldark fans are wondering, the scene does not seem to be part of Dwight’s storyline involving his reenlistment. Instead, it seems he is back in Cornwall. The greatest sign of this comes from the man standing to his left. He appears to be a familiar face, one of the miners at Ross’ mine.

[Image by Adrian Rogers/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]

Spoiler #2: Ross and Dimelza visit a mansion in Poldark Season 3.

At the two-second mark in the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer, Ross and Demelza can be seen following behind Caroline Penvenen (Gabriella Wilde), as the trio heads towards an opulent abode. The pillars at least hint at such. The very next scene shows Demelza in front of Caroline, and Ross. She appears to take in the ambiance of the mansion, the previous Poldark teaser scene had shown them readying to enter.

For his part, Ross does not seem as impressed as Demelza. Interestingly both of their eyes look up, and off in the same direction, at the same moment. Have they both spotted the host of the soiree? If so, who could it be?

Will it seems unlikely the group would be attending an event at George Warleggan’s, however stranger things have happened on Poldark. There is a possibility the host is Poldark Season 3 newcomer, Hugh Armitage.

Back in September 2016, Digital Spy reported that actor Josh Whitehouse had joined the cast of Poldark Season 3, in the role of Hugh Armitage, who Digital Spy described as a new “aristocrat.” The actor can be spotted later on, in the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer at the twenty-seven-second mark, tentatively looking up at someone, or something.

Spoiler #3: Lots of faces; both new and familiar are shown in the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer.

If you did not recognize a lot of the cast members shown in the Poldark Season 3 trailer, there is nothing wrong with your vision. There will be a slew of new characters in Poldark Season 3. Many of whom are shown in the teaser trailer.

In September 2016, Digital Spy confirmed the casting of actress Ellise Chappell as Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna in Poldark Season 3, and the arrival of Demelza’s brothers, Drake (Harry Richardson) and Sam (Tom York), in Poldark Season 3. All of them can be seen in the Poldark Season 3 teaser trailer.

[Image by Adrian Rogers/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]

Poldark fans catch a brief glimpse of Demelza’s brother Drake, embracing his sister, at the six-second mark. This is followed by a clear look at Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna, at the seven-second mark. The Poldark Season 3 trailer then flips back to show Demelza’s brothers much clearer at the eight-second mark, as Drake smiles, possibly at his sister.

At the fifteen-second mark, Prudie (Beatie Edney) can be seen looking in the distance. Despite the striking physical resemblance, the man next to her is not her cantankerous husband, Jud (Phil Davis). Sadly, The Telegraph has reported that Jud will not appear in Poldark Season 3. So who is the man next to Prudie?

That would be a new Poldark Season 3 cast addition, Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder). Radio Times confirmed the Poldark Season 3 casting of Tregirls, who Radio Times described as a “reckless womaniser” from Ross’ younger years. So what brings the pair back together? According to The Telegraph, Ross Poldark will join forces with Tholly in Poldark Season 3 to “free a friend.” Which of Ross’ friends could need rescuing? Poldark Season 3 holds the answers.

So what does all of this mean for Jud in Poldark Season 3?

Radio Times reported that the loss of Jud would be explained in Poldark Season 3. It is hard to imagine a good enough explanation to ease the pain of Jud’s vacancy. However, Poldark fans should relish what they did get to enjoy between Jud, and the Poldarks, in Season 2. According to The Telegraph, Ross and Prudie returning to Ross’ employ in Poldark Season 2, was a change from the Poldark book series.

Will, Tholly Tregirls, be able to bring the laughs, as well as Jud, always has? What will become of the other Poldark spoilers? Find out when Poldark Season 3 premieres on BBC One, and PBS Masterpiece, sometime in 2017.

[Featured Image by Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]

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