The Undertaker's 'WrestleMania' Send-Off: Backstage Reaction & Potential Follow-Up To The Deadman's Farewell

The Undertaker's last ride into the midnight hour on Sunday may very well end up defining WrestleMania 33 one day. It's ironic because when the Undertaker returned to WWE programming this past November to help commemorate SmackDown's 900th episode, he claimed that his career would no longer be defined only by WrestleMania. He was scheduled to wrestle more than one singles match in this most recent run, but his body wouldn't allow it, playing perhaps the biggest factor in his decision to retire.

The Undertaker will, by all accounts, finish his illustrious career with an incredible WrestleMania record of 23-2. The lone two, of course, being Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman directly addressed that fact Monday night on RAW which was designed to plant the first seed in a Lesnar-Reigns feud, currently penciled in for the main event of WrestleMania 34.

The WWE Universe will likely never get to see the WrestleMania dream match between the Undertaker and John Cena, or the mega-feud between Undertaker and Goldberg that the WWE teased on more than one occasion over the past several months. But those within the professional wrestling community can agree that the Undertaker received the ultimate send-off in what was all but certainly his final match.

Neither the Undertaker nor Goldberg were scheduled for the RAW after WrestleMania, although Goldberg did appear immediately after for a special segment on RAW Talk. Goldberg was given the opportunity to speak from the heart in an unscripted manner, peeling back the curtain a bit when discussing his decision to return to the WWE and give sports entertainment another run, regardless of the duration.

Goldberg ended it with the often-used "never say never" mantra, and even though there are currently no plans to use him in the near future, both sides left the door open for another return. While Goldberg got his chance to say good-bye, WWE officials felt that the Undertaker didn't need to do the same. Both the Undertaker and top WWE officials believe that his post-WrestleMania match segment "came off perfectly," and there was no need for a follow-up.

On Monday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was specifically asked if fans will ever see the Undertaker wrestle another match again. While he wanted to say that it was Undertaker's last ride, Meltzer admitted that there's no way of knowing. The Undertaker has put off more surgeries during this latest run and the more hip procedures that are done, the more difficult it is to continue wrestling.

On Monday, the Internet was buzzing with mentions of the Undertaker as #ThankYouTaker trended for the most of the day. WWE superstars past and present praised the Phenom for his amazing career, further signifying that it was all but over. The New Day, who hosted WrestleMania, revealed on TMZ Monday that Corey Graves had to bite his mouth to prevent from crying on the air during the Undertaker's farewell. They said they saw him in the hotel after the show and reiterated that he is the most respected member of the roster, maybe of all time.

Big E continued the praise for The Undertaker.

"He's always talked about in this Godfather-like way. And it's well earned, everyone always has had such respect for him. At this moment you want to celebrate this great career, but you're also mourning the end."
The writing may have been on the wall that by main eventing WrestleMania against Roman Reigns, the Undertaker was wrestling his last match in WWE. But The New Day said they had no idea that it was happening and nor did anyone else on the talent roster. When the wrestlers were watching the match backstage, they all shared stories and moments in an impromptu reflection of the Undertaker's legacy and storied career.

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