Lala Kent Discusses Rekindled Friendship With Katie Maloney And Scheana Shay

Lala Kent made her triumphant return to the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion on Monday night. She wanted to get her final word in. The reality star seemed to have made up with Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay. Lala was the outcast ever since she stepped foot on the show. Her castmates have been speculating about whether she’s dating a married man. Lala revealed the details on why she became friends with Katie and Scheana.

Lala Kent made her return to Vanderpump Rules on Monday night (April 3). Although she left the show in the middle of the season, she wanted to return to confront the three mean girls – Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute. The cast was quite surprised when Kent showed up. Even Scheana Shay admitted she just spoke to Kent, who said she was in New York City, reports the Hollywood Gossip.

The blonde beauty had words for Katie and her clique. She also revealed why she originally quit the series.

“We’re grown adults,” Lala said. “Stop bullying people. Stop being mean. Like enough with the mean girl stuff. It’s played out. Your mom should have told you that.”

lala kent talks pump reunion
Lala Kent talks Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Lala Kent and Katie Maloney-Schwartz even made up during the reunion. Katie shockingly apologized to Lala toward the end of the episode. Both of the ladies were seen crying as Katie revealed she never meant to hurt her castmate. Lala told the Daily Dish the reason why she thinks they made up during the reunion show, as reported via the Bravo TV blog.

“Last year we had a few moments where we bonded over being from Utah, but that obviously didn’t last,” Kent said. “That was not a make or break of the friendship. It’s so weird. And she also wasn’t raised Mormon, which is the main culture and religion in that state. And even so [the fact] that we’re both raised in a Mormon state and neither of us were raised that way, that right there should bond you. That’s tough being in that environment and you being the outcast.”

While Lala wasn’t able to form a friendship with Katie, growing up in that state meant she tended to form friendships with other people who weren’t practicing Mormons.

“It was weird when you would go to school with everyone that was Mormon because they believe in completely different things. I gravitated towards the people that were in theater class and choir. And the arts were usually for people that weren’t religious in any way just because we have to say certain things that are in scripts and so those are the people that I gravitated towards to. Those people also were not raised Mormon.”

During that same interview, she also revealed how she and Scheana Shay became friends again. The two had a falling out earlier this season on Vanderpump Rules, but the two reunited and bonded following the reunion, reports the Bravo TV blog.

“Scheana and I are close. I’m with her a lot,” Lala said. “I was just at her boyfriend’s house for his roommate’s birthday and we talk every single day.”

Lala and Scheana grabbed headlines when they popped up on each other’s social media accounts. That’s when fans wondered if Scheana chose to side with Lala instead of Stassi, Katie, and Kristen. As for how they reconnected, Lala revealed the details to the Daily Dish.

“She had approached me about me doing music with Shay and she was not OK with it. And the way she came at me the first time, I was on defense mode,” Lala recalled. “She ended up texting our friend relaying the messages back and forth. My friend then said, ‘Well, you’re attacking her. Maybe go in and be a normal person.’ And she did, [and] right then I said I won’t work with him. There’s a million people I can work with on music. And right there the ice was broken.”

lala kent making friends
Lala Kent is finally making friends on the show. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Ariana Madix, who recently reconnected with Lala, has also addressed that the two women have set aside their drama. She also said there’s a lot of similarities between the three with their personalities and the fact that they are all homebodies.

What are your thoughts on Lala Kent becoming friends with Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay? Do you think the girls will stay friends by Season 6? Sound off below in the comments section.

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