‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava In Trouble After Morgan’s Meds Suddenly Appears In The Wrong Hands

In a brand new General Hospital promo, it looks like Ava Jerome may just get what’s coming to her after all. Viewers have watched her get away with murder for years, and now she has been trying to cover up the major part she played in the explosion death of Morgan Corinthos. She knows what Sonny will do if he ever found out and now that time may be coming, thanks to his son, Dante.

General Hospital put out a promo on Monday, and it is a doozy. Ava thought that she had bought off Lucy Coe’s silence about the switching of the meds until the robbery at the Floating Rib last week. Now that bottle of pills with Morgan’s name on it is sitting at the Port Charles Police Department as evidence. This is going to set off some suspicion when Dante ends up finding it.

Ava has done everything she can to make sure no one ever finds out what she did. As the promo states, she is the one who set Morgan’s murder into motion in the first place. If he had been taking his lithium instead of placebo pills, he probably wouldn’t have stolen Julian Jerome’s car and would not be dead right now. Ava knows this, which is why she is scared of Sonny and Carly discovering her secret about their son.

General Hospital fans were wondering why the writers chose to have robbers come into the Floating Rib, and this is exactly the reason why it happened. At the time, it seemed like it was an unnecessary scenario. It could have been just so Olivia Falconeri would realize that life is too short to say no to Ned Ashton when he had asked her to marry him. However, it now looks like this was all set in motion in order for the bottle of pills to get out of Lucy’s hand and into someone else’s.

That person will be Morgan’s brother, Dante, as he is seen in the General Hospital promo finding the bottle of lithium in the evidence room of the PCPD. What will he do with it? He may just keep it to himself for now and start his own investigation as to why this popped up all of a sudden. As far as he knows, Morgan was taking his bipolar medications as he should. This will definitely raise some questions.

According to Soaps She Knows, Dante will become intrigued by what he just found. and this will not be something that he will just let go. Someone in that bar had Morgan’s bottle of pills on them and you can bet that he will not stop until he figures out how it got there. Of course, the PCPD has not had a good track record of nabbing criminals, but this is personal for Dante.

Will Dante figure it out? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The question remains if he will talk to Sonny about what he discovered or if he will keep him in the dark. He knows how his dad gets, especially when it comes to the Jerome family. They have been mob rivals on General Hospital for years and Sonny wants nothing more than to make sure all of them are gone. You sure can’t blame the guy. That family has caused a lot of damage in his life. The most recent tragedy is the death of his son.

Will Sonny kill Ava? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Olivia Jerome came back from the dead and had the bomb planted in the car that was meant for Julian. Morgan is gone because of her, and her sister, Ava, switched his pills, which was the cause of Morgan getting into that car in the first place. Liv is locked away, but her sis is roaming free at the moment. Sonny Corinthos will not take this lightly at all and that could mean that Ava’s life will be in jeopardy because of what she did.

Will Dante find the evidence he needs to nail Ava Jerome? Or will Ava Jerome continue to get away with her crimes? Will Lucy Coe finally spill the beans on what she knows? Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to find out.

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