James Kennedy’s GF, Raquel Leviss, Shows Off Relationship Amidst Claims He Cheated With GG And Ellie

Raquel Leviss has made it very clear that she’s still happy in love with James Kennedy, despite the claims that the Vanderpump Rules star cheated on her with at least two women. On tonight’s part 1 of the Season 5 reunion show, James is in the hot seat when some of his co-stars bring up the allegations that he slept with two other SUR employees, GG and Ellie, during his relationship with Raquel. James is also accused of having been in a relationship with Kristen Doute purely to get on the show.

On Saturday, Raquel posted a photo of herself enjoying dinner at SUR with James. The photo shows the two looking very happy with one another. For her caption, Raquel wrote that James spoils her.


So it seems that Raquel is not only continuing to not believe the cheating allegations, she’s also so secure in her relationship with James that she’s not afraid of being with him at SUR, where she could possibly run into some of the accusers.

Earlier in the season, SUR employees GG and Ellie claimed that they had sex with James after his relationship with Raquel had already begun. In one scene, James’ good friend, Lala Kent, showed him photos that Ellie sent to her that she claimed proved they had sex during his relationship with Raquel. James defended himself by saying that the photos were photoshopped to reflect a later date and that Lala, as his friend, shouldn’t be questioning him.

In another episode, GG and Ellie actually confronted Raquel at SUR while James while DJing. Raquel accused GG of being obsessed with her boyfriend. When James intervened, GG handed him a bag of clothes that she said she borrowed after their night together. Raquel, however, continued to play it cool.

Yet viewers did later see Raquel Leviss, over dinner with James Kennedy, question him over whether he was cheating on her. James professed his innocence and continuing loyalty, which seemed to satisfy Raquel.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala Kent, who describes James as one of her best friends, didn’t give a yes or no answer when questioned during a media interview in December, 2016, about whether she believed James cheated on Raquel. Lala said that she didn’t want to get involved in James’ relationship but did say that Raquel was being very trusting and chill about the cheating claims.

In an interview with the Buttered Pop podcast in February, GG claimed that Raquel knows that James cheats on her, but tolerates it. GG implied that Raquel does so because she wants to get on the show.

“She f**king knew! 99% of our clientele at SUR are fans. Most people know about the show. She knew about it. Ellie said that when she first went there, she was taking pictures with everybody, like asking Lisa [Vanderpump] for pictures. So, she is not as innocent as she seems, and she knew that James had cheated on her before, taken him back. He could hook up with a girl right in front of her [and] she would stay with him. She does not give a f**k…And no offense, she’s dumb as rocks.”

A preview released a few days ago of tonight’s part 1 of the Season 5 Vanderpump Rules reunion show shows host Andy Cohen asking the cast if any of them believe that James Kennedy didn’t sleep with Ellie and GG. After no one sticks up for James, James proclaims that he loves Raquel Leviss more than anything in the world and that he could care less what the others think. James also says that he’s never been in a happier relationship in his life, which prompts Andy to ask about his past relationship with Kristen Doute. When Jax Taylor claims that James only dated Kristen to get on the show, James points out he was going to be on the show anyways because he was going to move in with Kristen’s ex, Tom Sandoval, a move that ended up not happening because of their subsequent relationship.

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