Kyle Richards On Divorce Experience: ‘I Struggled With The Being Married Part’

Kyle Richards is currently married to Mauricio Umansky, but on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle has revealed that she was married once before. In fact, her oldest daughter is actually from her first marriage, which she explained during her daughter’s high school graduation scenes a few years ago. Richards eventually divorced her first husband and married Mauricio. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle hasn’t talked about her first marriage, but when she visited Heather McDonald’s podcast, she opened up about her previous marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Kyle Richards is now revealing that it wasn’t something scandalous that ended her first marriage. In fact, it was her role in the relationship that caused her to end the marriage. Richards’ first husband is Guraish Aldjufrie, and he is the biological father of her oldest daughter Farrah. They met when they were very young, and Kyle Richards revealed during the podcast interview that she was wearing braces.

They met at a Tina Turner concert, and Kyle was only 19 years old. They met when one of his friends approached her to ask her on a date on his behalf. Apparently, he was too shy to talk to her. As it turns out, Kyle lied as well.

“I lied and I said I was 19 and I had braces and I was hiding my braces,” Richards explains, sharing that he didn’t really speak English when they first met.

“He speaks good English, but he didn’t when we first met. He’s Indonesian, so he’s Indonesian, Arab, and Dutch. He had not lived here long when he had to get up the courage with his English to ask me out on the date,” Kyle continues, according to Bravo.

Kyle has revealed that she didn’t always have money, so these two didn’t have a huge Beverly Hills wedding. Instead, they skipped out on a huge wedding, and they merely had a small ceremony. As it turns out, this may have confused some people, as his demeanor made people believe that he was royalty. And if he was royalty, why wouldn’t they get married in a huge ceremony? As it turns out, Kyle Richards didn’t marry royalty.

“Well he was shy and cute, and I liked the fact that he was that — and sweet and very much a gentleman. In fact, people said when I got married, ‘Oh well she married a prince.’ That was the rumor. He wasn’t a prince, but he just acted like one because he was very reserved and sweet,” Richards explains, sharing that it was always a funny story about her ex-husband, as people actually believed that he was royalty.

So, why did the marriage end? Even though Kyle Richards is a great wife now to Mauricio, she didn’t always love the role of a mother. She reveals that she was the one who walked out on her first husband. However, they do have a great relationship these days, as he attended a party that Richards had for their daughter Farrah a few seasons ago. Richards simply didn’t know how to be a wife when she was younger and it took her a while to get comfortable in that role again.

“I struggled with the being married part. Now I’ve got the wife part down, but that’s hard to be a wife at that age,” Kyle Richards explained during the interview, according to Bravo, revealing, “I eventually I couldn’t do it and I left, and I felt so guilty for so long. I felt so bad. I was just too young to be married. We’re still friends and he’s friends with my husband.”

What do you think of Kyle Richards leaving her first marriage because she didn’t know how to be a wife?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Family Equality Council]