WWE Spoilers: The ‘WrestleMania’ Fallout On ‘Monday Night Raw’ — The Hardys Return, Brock Lesnar Dominates

After last night’s WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, the superstars of WWE probably don’t have a lot left in them, but many need to get ready for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. It was a wild evening full of title changes, big-time returns, and even the apparent retirement of a legend. Still, it is time for everyone to move onto the next big thing, and that means seeing what Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and the Hardy Boyz do on Raw.

It really is still quite difficult to take in everything that happened at WrestleMania 33, but fans need to prepare for the next chapters in a lot of WWE stories. The official website of WWE released the preview for this week’s Monday Night Raw, and it looks like the fallout show will be a packed one.

“It’s my yard now”

Many are finding it hard to believe, but it truly does seem as if The Undertaker has taken his last ride and is truly done with the wrestling business after all these years. Roman Reigns defeated him 1-2-3 in the center of the ring and has taken claim of WWE as his “yard” while watching “The Deadman” head off into the sunset.

It will be interesting to see who Roman Reigns moves on to after such an impressive victory over The Undertaker, but a new feud may already be lined up. Sportskeeda is reporting that rumors have him going back into a program with Braun Strowman, and that certainly won’t make anyone happy.

Bow down to the Kingslayer

Despite a rather serious knee injury and dealing with an illness out of nowhere, “The King” experienced a slaying by Seth Rollins as Triple H fell in defeat. With that feud over and the student taking out the teacher, what will Rollins move on to now?

Hardy homecoming

As if the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles wasn’t big enough, The New Day had a surprise in store for all the fans in attendance. The Hardy Boyz made a huge return to WWE and ended up capturing the titles over The Club, Cesaro and Sheamus, and the team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

wwe news spoilers wrestlemania 33 fallout monday night raw reigns lesnar hardys
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Tonight, Matt and Jeff Hardy are set to return to Monday Night Raw for the first time in a long time, and other teams aren’t thrilled about it. You can be sure that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are wanting their titles back and may soon ask for their rematch.

The List of Owens

After losing the WWE Universal Championship to Goldberg back at Fastlane, Kevin Owens was done with his so-called “best friend” in Chris Jericho and vowed to take his title. After a very good and brutal match at WrestleMania, that is exactly what happened as Owens captured the United States Championship by defeating Y2J in the center of the ring.

Jericho may want his title back and will likely try, but Owens is going to welcome all who want to put up a fight.

Champion of the Universe

Speaking of the Universal Title, the third time was indeed the charm for Brock Lesnar, as he finally defeated Goldberg and took the belt as his own. It may not have been a technical masterpiece, but the brutality and violence between these two giants made for a fun match.

wwe news spoilers wrestlemania 33 fallout monday night raw reigns lesnar hardys
[Image by WWE]

There is no word on what will happen with Goldberg from this point on, but Paul Heyman will welcome anyone to take on his client for the newly won belt.

When WrestleMania 33 ended, fans were left wondering if they had indeed seen the last of The Undertaker thanks to Roman Reigns defeating him on the grand stage. While it may appear that way, you can never really say “never” in the world of professional wrestling. Either way, the rest of the WWE superstars need to prepare for the next chapter, and all of that will begin with the big PPV fallout this evening on Monday Night Raw.

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