‘Gold Rush’ Todd Hoffman Wants You To Star In ‘Family Fortress,’ His New Show

Although Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin are no longer working together and the Hoffman crew did not mine as much gold as they had in previous seasons, it sounds like Gold Rush,’s Todd’s idea of gold has stretched beyond the glittery nuggets that are found in the pay dirt. He has just recently set up his shingle for a new production company, aptly named Gold Standard TV.

According to his personal Facebook page, Todd has explained that this production company will not be in Hollywood, but instead, in downtown Portland, Oregon, his home state. Right now, they have just over a half dozen productions in the works, but he has yet to reveal if anything has been filmed or any other details.

“Gold Standard TV has a new office downtown Portland and it’s humble beginnings for sure. We have six or seven projects on the burners and Brian and Jose are incredible. Proud to be a part of something from the ground floor. These are the times we remember when we look back. You don’t have to be a large company in the TV business. The creativity can flow and move quickly from a tiny companies with a dream. Pray for us as we bring projects to life that will enrich people’s lives not detract from them. Have a great rest of the week. T”

Although the production company appears new, for several years he has been promoting a show called Family Fortress. He has a Facebook page for this program and best of all, he wants you to be a part of this show!

This is not going to be a casting call for just anyone. According to Starcasm, Family Fortress is a “prepper” show. Todd is looking for others who share his beliefs and are willing to go the extra mile to star on this show.

“We are not just a show, this is serious, and we are looking for serious families that believe the economy is going to crash and want to create hope and security for a new future. It’s very dear to my heart because I believe our country is in for some trouble and I would like to offer some hope to my fellow brothers and sisters.”

Interested in participating? Todd had posted that he needed a two-minute video of your family and to “Post your video on Facebook and email the link to me goldrushtodd@gmail.com if you believe your family is unique and has something to offer the world!” It is not clear if they are still looking for more families.

Anyone who is a bit uncertain about this venture is assured by Todd that they are not “nut balls” and despite getting just over 1,000 ounces this season, his belief is that gold is behind his philosophy.

“Gold is the backbone of wealth not paper money, this is the belief of this group.”

In addition, if you should want to star in this new Gold Standard TV show, you must be able to operate heavy equipment, hunt, fish and basically kick butt! Most of all, he wants only serious families that believe that the “economy is going to crash and want to create hope and security for a new future.”

He also hints that there is even more to this show, but this is not public knowledge.

“The true objectives are going to be kept a secret and will only be told under an NDA, This type of situation has never been seen before on TV. Its very dear to my heart because I beleve our country is in for some trouble and I would like to offer some hope to my fellow brothers and sisters.”

Do you think you have what it takes to be on this new show? Are you interested in Family Fortress or any of Todd Hoffman’s possible new shows? Do you think Todd Hoffman will return to Gold Rush even though he owns a new production company?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]