Powerball Jackpot At $425 Million After No Winners Come Forward

Powerball Jackpot At $425 Million

The Powerball has increased to a $425 million jackpot after nobody claimed the top prize on Saturday. The jackpot is the largest ever for the game.

Saturday night’s $325 million game was the fourth-largest jackpot the game has ever seen, but it appears that no one drew the winning numbers, reports KMBC-TV.

Because of this, Wednesday’s drawing will be at least $425 million — more if sales continue to grow. For many, Saturday’s Powerball jackpot was their chance to have an early Christmas present, but perhaps Wednesday will be that opportunity instead.

For John Schankey, who celebrated a special Thanksgiving, the potential jackpot was a chance to turn his life around. Schankey stated:

“Of course, I’ll definitely donate some to charity, I’m that kind of guy. But this will definitely take care of me if I win.”

As for the chances of actually winning the record $425 million jackpot? Officials said the chances are one in 175 million. Powerball tickets doubled in price to $2 this year, resulting in less sold. Despite this, the extra revenue has made up for less sales, also driving the jackpots higher.

Fox News notes that Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer stated that sales of Powerball tickets have been strong over the holiday week for Saturday’s drawing. Wednesday’s jackpot is estimated at $425 million, but could be higher because sales tend to pick up in the days leading up to the drawing.

The previous top Powerball jackpot was in 2006 and was valued at $365 million. It was won by a ConAgra Foods Workers in Lincoln, Nebraska. Saturday’s Powerball numbers were 22-32-37-44-50, and the Powerball was 34.

Do you plan on buying a Powerball ticket to try your hand at winning the $425 million jackpot?