‘Mark Of The Beast’ RFID Tag Rejected By San Antonio High School Student

San Antonio, TX – A student at John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy has refused to wear the required RFID badge, according to The Blaze. The girl believes the IDs to be the “Mark of the Beast.”

Andrea Hernandez believes the electronic identification system used to keep track of students is inherently Satanic. Since she attributes the badges to the “Mark of the Beast,” Hernandez feels they ultimately work against her religious beliefs.

Although school officials offered to give the girl a badge without the implanted tracking chip, her father wasn’t happy with the terms and conditions associated with the deal.

“He told me in a meeting that if my daughter would proudly wear her student ID card around her neck so everyone could see, he would be able to quietly remove her chip from her student ID card,” Steve Hernandez explained to WND.

He added, “He went on to say as part of the accommodation my daughter and I would have to agree to stop criticizing the program and publicly support it. I told him that was unacceptable because it would imply an endorsement of the district’s policy and my daughter and I should not have to give up our constitutional rights to speak out against a program that we feel is wrong.”

Since an agreement between the parties could not be reach, John Jay High School issued a letter explaining that Andrea would have to wear the badge or face expulsion. According to The Next Web, the girl’s parents contacted the Rutherford Institute. The organization has since filed a suit against the school district.

“Regimes in the past have always started with the schools, where they develop a compliant citizenry,” explained President John Whitehead. “These ‘Student Locator’ programs are ultimately aimed at getting students used to living in a total surveillance state where there will be no privacy, and wherever you go and whatever you text or email will be watched by the government.”

While the lawsuit between the Northside Independent School District and Andrea Hernandez is pending, a judge has explained that she can returned to her studies at John Jay High School until a verdict has been reached.

“The court’s willingness to grant a temporary restraining order is a good first step, but there is still a long way to go — not just in this case, but dealing with the mindset, in general, that everyone needs to be monitored and controlled,” Whitehead said.

Do you think the high school student should be punished for not wearing the RFID badge since she feels it is the “Mark of the Beast?”