Trump Impeachment: Trump Tower Server Holds Key To End Trump Term, Report Claims

Donald Trump will face impeachment once evidence from a computer server in Trump Tower comes to light, according to the latest analysis by British journalist Louise Mensch, who first exposed the existence of a secret FISA court warrant that targeted the private server. That Trump Tower server was communicating regularly with the Russia-based Alfa Bank. The FISA surveillance warrant granted last October was designed in part to find out why, and if the server indicated improper ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, Mensch reported last November.

This week, however, Mensch updated her earlier reporting with a new analysis which, in a report published Saturday on her Patribotics blog, indicates that the server may have been receiving stolen data, including hacked United States voter information. That information, Mensch writes, was then used by the Trump campaign and the sophisticated "audience targeting" firm that it used, Cambridge Analytica, to direct Russian-created propaganda "fake news" campaigns at specific voters Trump needed to sway in order to win the 2016 presidential election.

In other words, according to Mensch, the Trump campaign received information stolen by Russian hackers via a Trump Tower server, then used that information to guide Russian disinformation agents in publishing "fake news" stories on Facebook — fake news propaganda designed to help Trump win the election by targeting specific voter groups.

Alfa Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Russia and is closely tied to Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to the New York Times.

Read Mensch's entire report on her Patribotics blog by clicking on this link.

Donald Trump Impeachment, Trump Russia investigation, Louise mensch, Russiagate, Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon
Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon received consulting fees from Cambridge Analytica. (Image By Evan Vucci)

Financial documents released by the White House on Saturday revealed Trump's campaign CEO and now top "strategic adviser," Steve Bannon, collected six-figure "consulting" fees from Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 campaign, and served as the company's vice president and secretary.

The use of Facebook to micro-target voters, according to Mensch's analysis, was linked to a massive theft of Facebook user data carried out by a lecturer at Britain's Cambridge University named Aleksandr Kogan, who has since changed his name to Aleksandr Spectre, according to an investigative report published Thursday by The Intercept.

Kogan collected the Facebook data on behalf of a contractor known as Strategic Communication Laboratories, or SCL, which has an "election division" which promises clients "data-driven messaging... delivering electoral success." Cambridge Analytica is a subsidiary of SCL.

"In order to perfect the social media targeting Russia hacked the electoral voter databases of various key American states," Mensch wrote.

"This information was fed back to (Trump Campaign Manager Paul) Manafort and Cambridge Analytica / SCL via the means of the bank server in Trump Tower. Manafort and Trump used terrifyingly accurate micro-targeting obtained firstly by Facebook theft but secondly by Russia obtaining the exact demographic profiles of voters through hacks of U.S. state databases and passing it back to Cambridge Analytica."
Donald Trump Impeachment, Trump Russia investigation, Louise mensch, Russiagate, Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon
Donald Trump walks out of an executive order signing ceremony on Friday without signing the orders, after reporters peppered him with questions about the Russia scandal. (Image By Pool/Getty Images)

According to reporting by Ann Marlowe in Tablet Magazine, Alfa Bank is financially tied to SCL and Cambridge Analytica as well, and Richard Burt, another top Trump adviser, sits on the "senior advisory board" of Alfa Bank.

As Mensch concludes, if indeed the Trump Tower server was being used to send hacked and stolen information back and forth to Russia's Alfa Bank — which Mensch describes as "a front for Russian intelligence" — Trump would be directly connected to Russian "active measures" to meddle in the U.S. election, and help him win it. And if so, she writes, "he will be impeached for it."

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