‘Fairy Tail’ 530: Anna’s Plan To Defeat Acnologia; Zeref Turns Natsu Into END?

Fairy Tail 530 manga is expected to explore two exciting plot developments. In the previous chapter, the mages have succeeded in angering Acnologia who was seen hot in pursuit of the flying ship Christina. On the other hand, the fight between brothers Zeref and Natsu is approaching its climax, where it appears as if Zeref is willing his younger brother to turn into the most powerful demon he created, E.N.D.

Fairy Tail Chapter 529 was recently released confirming previous speculations regarding the identity of the mysterious woman seen in the previous chapter. She is actually Anna Heartfilia, Lucy’s distant ancestor. The chapter’s title, “Teacher,” is a reference to her as well, as she was Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting and Rogue’s teacher 400 years ago.

As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, the plan to defeat Acnologia, which would likely happen in the coming One Piece 530, is Anna Heartfilia’s idea. Apparently, she had a lot of time to think it through as she arrived in the current era a long time ago. Anna was actually with the dragon slayers when they traveled 400 years from the past through the Eclipse Gate.

Back then, Acnologia was unstoppable; none of the dragons could defeat him. The dragons entered the bodies of the dragon slayers and decided to travel into the future, hoping that a way to defeat the Black Dragon could be found by then. Surprisingly, it was Zeref who constructed the Eclipse Gate that allowed them to travel through time.

While Anna opened the Eclipse Gate from the past, it was Layla Heartfilia, Lucy’s mother, who opened the gate for them here in the present era. Anna accompanied the dragon slayers, who were still children at the time, so that someone may raise them when they arrive. However, there was an accident at the gate which separated everyone when they arrived.

It took Anna five years to track the young dragon slayers’ locations. However, despite knowing where everyone was, she deemed it necessary to remain in the shadows until the time is right for her to reveal her presence.

It was Anna’s search for the dragon slayers that led her to the discovery of a way to defeat Acnologia. While it was not yet detailed how Acnologia may be defeated in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 530, Anna referred to her discovery as a “dangerous power” and even a mere “concept.”

What exactly is this thing that may be able to defeat Acnologia? While the specifics were not yet explicitly revealed, the previous chapter left plenty of clues on how the Black Dragon may be defeated, although defeated may not be the right term to use in this case.

As previously stated by Ichiya, Acnologia may only be eliminated if he can be led to a certain spot outside Magnolia. It was also revealed by Anna that the only way to eliminate Acnologia is to seal him away in the ravines of time. Putting the two together, it looks like letting Acnologia chase them was to lure him into a trap. However, it will not be a physical or even a magical trap. Anna plans to trap the Black Dragon into time itself.

Has Anna discovered another time portal, one that has the potential of trapping anyone for eternity? “Neo Eclipse,” the title of the upcoming Fairy Tail 530, seems to suggest that indeed, the mages are leading Acnologia to a location where time-space is chaotic, a new portal through time that may not have an exit. Even Anna is unsure how the anomaly came into being, but it is possible that it may be an unforeseen effect in the opening of the Eclipse Gate.

Meanwhile, Zeref seemed to be losing his mind while fighting his younger brother, Natsu. The otherwise calm and collected Black Wizard was so worked up that he seemed to be almost incoherent as he egged E.N.D. on to hit him with all he got. But of course, his choice of word is not to Natsu’s liking, as the dragon slayer is adamant that he is Natsu and not the demon E.N.D. created by Zeref.

Will Natsu turn into E.N.D. in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 530? Although Natsu was originally resurrected to become the most powerful demon, previous events seem to suggest that Natsu already lost this potential to turn either into a dragon or a demon. Perhaps the bigger question is Zeref’s motive in turning his brother into a powerful demon in the midst of their fight.

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