‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Happens To Chloe And Lucifer When He Returns?

Lucifer Season 2 returns in a month after a long hiatus and fans are already excited to know what happens next, especially spoilers about Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe’s (Lauren Graham) budding romance. The previous episode titled, “A Good Day To Die,” which aired on Jan. 30, saw Lucifer going to great lengths just to make sure the poisoned Chloe stays alive.

Prior to Chloe getting injected with a poison, she and Lucifer had a moment, the most awaited-kiss to be precise, and fans have been dying to get some spoilers about where this relationship would take the two characters. Unfortunately, the episode left fans hanging since Lucifer left his lavish place and disappeared without Chloe knowing his whereabouts.

On May 1, Lucifer Season 2 returns with the Episode 14 titled “Candy Morningstar,” and co-showrunner Joe Henderson has provided enough spoilers that should whet the viewers’ appetite. Henderson revealed via TVLine that when the drama returns, fans should expect both characters to be on “rockier footing than we’ve ever seen them.”

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer
Lucifer's Tom Ellis at the SDCC 2016 [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

It appears there’s nothing romantic about Chloe and Lucifer when Season 2 resumes. Henderson added that Chloe will be mad at Lucifer, which is expected since he left her on the heels of their sweet kiss. Not only that, Chloe is said to be upset because Luci disappeared on her after saving her life.

That’s not to say Lucifer will not try to patch things up with Chloe. Spoilers also revealed that when he returns he will try to pick up where they left off but Chloe felt hurt and now she’s confused. What’s more interesting is that Lucifer will provide an explanation as to why he suddenly left and that would even upset Chloe more.

“Chloe’s confused, hurt and pissed. And she’s even more thrown when she learns where Lucifer ran off to, and why.”

On the same Season 2 episode, Chloe and Lucifer will work together and it’s expected that there will be awkward moments between them. Lucifer resurfaced to help solve the case of an up-and-coming musician, who is believed to have been murdered, Deadline reported. Speculation is also rife that after Lucifer found out that it was God’s plan for him to meet Chloe, he will be back to his dark side. As seen in the promo (see below) for Episode 14, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is heard saying that Lucifer is already plotting his revenge.

Meanwhile, the return of Season 2 will not only bring the Devil back in the game of solving murders but will also introduce a new character. According to Lucifer Season 2 spoilers, a character named Roxie will be part of the story. Lauren Holly (NCIS) will play the role, as confirmed via a social media post on Wednesday.

Not much is known about Holly’s character but according to spoilers from another cast member, Roxie’s story will involve a casino in Las Vegas. It remains to be seen which episode Holly will be guesting in but according to a separate report from TVLine, Holly will be part of the four remaining episodes, which were initially part of Lucifer Season 2.

Lucifer Season 2 will resume on May 1
New episodes of Lucifer Season 2 returns starting May [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

As earlier reported by the Inquisitr, Lucifer Season 2 has been downsized. The current season was supposed to have 22 episodes in total but the remaining four will be carried over to Season 3, which will have a release date of fall 2017. This means Season 2 will have a total of 18 episodes, with five more left to air starting on May 1.

Henderson already made it clear that the move to change Season 2’s schedule will not affect how the show ends. Fans are expected to see a “crazy awesome” conclusion to Lucifer next month. While waiting for Lucifer’s return, check out Luci and Chloe’s “Devilish Love Story” in the video below.

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