Adam Levine Reportedly Made A Huge Decision About His Future On 'The Voice'

Adam Levine has allegedly made a huge decision about his future with The Voice that may see his involvement with the NBC show cut in half.

Reports claimed this week that Adam has allegedly made it clear to producers after appearing on every year since The Voice first began six years ago that he no longer wants to do two seasons a year and instead only want to coach on a single season.

Adam reportedly made the decision to do just one season of the show a year after starring alongside Blake Shelton on every episode of the show to ever air according to TMZ, who claimed they were "told Adam only wants to do one cycle a year."

But Levine's apparent revelation doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving or that fans will have to watch the show without Adam on the coaching panel.

Levine's supposed wishes to only appear on one season of The Voice per year from now on come amid reports the network is in somewhat of a bidding war with Fox to bring American Idol back to TV screens.

Adam Levine Reportedly Made A Huge Decision About His Future On 'The Voice'
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TMZ reported that NBC's big plans should they win the rights to American Idol from Freemantle Media would be to disrupt The Voice's two season per year run by having American Idol air in the space of either The Voice's winter or fall run, meaning Levine would continue to appear on every season despite cutting down his time on the show by half.

But should NBC not win the rights to American Idol, if TMZ's report is to be believed and The Voice continues to air two seasons, Adam may be absent from The Voice coaching panel for one season a year, which likely won't sit too well with fans of Levine, who is Maroon 5's frontman.

Adam Levine's future on The Voice has caused a whole lot of speculation in recent weeks as the talent search airs its 12th season, and after rumors began circulating earlier this year that Adam could be preparing to leave the NBC show, fans flocked to social media to urge Adam to stay with the series while some even claimed that they wouldn't tune in without him.

Rumors swirled earlier this year that both Levine and Shelton could be quitting, or at least sitting out a season or two after Season 12, and The Voice fans were not happy.

"@NBCTheVoice if Blake Shelton and Adam Levine aren't on I won't watch #snoozefest," @AnnaKrosp tweeted out at the time, making it pretty clear that they have no plans to tune in if Levine is not on the coaching panel.

Adam fan @hayyitsjenn also added on the social media site amid the Levine leaving rumors, "I won't watch if Blake and Adam [aren't] on [The Voice]."

Is Adam Levine really leaving 'The Voice' after Season 12?
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But as rumors swirl that Adam's time on The Voice could be cut in half, whether he continues to appear on every season or not, it sounds like Levine has no plans to leave the show altogether anytime soon.

Prior to claims that Levine allegedly only wants to do one season going forward, Adam admitted during a recent appearance on The Today Show that he can't imagine his life without The Voice and seemingly confirmed that he'll be sticking around for a while.

"It is a family, the show. It feels like such a tight knit thing at this point," Levine said of his love for The Voice during a March appearance on the NBC morning show according to Gossip Cop. "I don't know what I'd do without it," Adam continued, "it seems bizarre. It's a permanent fixture in your life."

"I can't see my life without The Voice," Levine then added.

What do you think of reports claiming Adam Levine may be leaving The Voice by cutting his two season stint per year down to one?

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