Where Is The Plane? FBI Releases Photos Of 9/11 Pentagon Attack


The FBI has released 27 photos of the Pentagon after the September 11 attacks titled “9/11 Attacks and Investigation Images.” The photos show emergency response teams, damage to the Pentagon, and airplane debris. The shocking photos illustrate the damage and destruction the Pentagon was subjected to in the attacks. But one object is suspiciously missing from each picture; where is the plane?

In an overhead view of the crash site you can see a neat hole and a nearby flag pole that survived the crash. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

The official story is this: American Airlines Flight 77, with 64 people on board, was hijacked when five passengers turned out to be terrorists in a coordinated attack on America on September 11. Minutes after a plane destroyed the second World Trade Center tower in New York, Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. There were no survivors, and 125 people inside the Pentagon were killed.

The new released FBI photos show first responders attending to the damage at the Pentagon, the building on fire, and close-ups of wreckage and debris. But one thing is conspicuously absent from each photograph: the plane.

FBI first responders 9/11 Pentagon
The identity of the first responders is not revealed. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

Most pictures are external shots, but actually all five rings of the Pentagon were damaged. The plane penetrated all the way into the third ring. The neat, 12-foot wide hole in Ring C is said to be made by either the landing gear or one of the engines.

Eyewitness accounts testify that the plane flew low enough to knock over light posts. The plane was going so fast that air traffic controllers thought it was was a military fighter, and witnesses on the ground describe the plane as “wobbly” with its wings tilting back and forth. Mike Walter, a USA Today reporter who witnessed the impact, described it as “a cruise missile with wings.”

Pentagon 9/11 photos.
A plane crashed into the Pentagon and made this hole. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

It struck the Pentagon in a fiery explosion.

Popular Mechanics attempted to debunk theories that the Pentagon was hit by an actual cruise missile and not a plane by studying the mechanics of the impact. They point out that at such high speeds, the plane becomes almost liquid upon impact, and that’s why there isn’t much debris visible from the fuselage or other parts of the plane.

They also explain why the wings are absent and why the hole where the plane flew in to the building isn’t bigger. One wing hit the ground, and the other was sheared off. This is why the hole where the plane flew in isn’t anywhere comparable to the wingspan of the plane itself. However, this doesn’t explain where the plane is.

The wings or other debris aren’t visible in any of the pictures that also show the building.

Pentagon plane debris.
Although most of the plane burned up, this piece survived. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

Experts say that most of the plane burned up in the fiery explosion, but the FBI released images include pictures of unscorched debris lying neatly on some grass. One image clearly shows the plane’s identifying serial number.

Investigators also found one of the terrorist’s driver’s licenses in a pile of rubble.

Wreckage from 9/11 Pentagon crash.
Unscorched debris hit the green lawn at the Pentagon plane crash. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

The FBI did not release any photos showing pieces of the plane at the impact site. There are no images of seats, landing gear, engines, or the bodies of those murdered in the attack. This does not mean that such photographic evidence does not exist, but it does beg the question of why no such pictures were included in this release.

9/11 plane crash Pentagon photo.
A search and rescue dog helps the first responders locate survivors in the 9/11 wreckage at the Pentagon, but no one survived the crash. [Image by FBI]Featured image credit: FBIFBI

Some believe the September 11, 2001, attacks were an inside job and the Pentagon attack was not by a plane, but by a cruise missile. People want to see a video of the impact. One video of grainy security camera footage shows a white object near the ground approaching the Pentagon at 1:26. In the next frame, there is a huge explosion and a fireball rises 200 feet into the air.

What do you think about these new photos?

[Featured Image by FBI]