2012 National Dog Show Winner: Wire Fox Terrier Crowned Best In Show

The 2012 National Dog Show’s big winner is GCH Afterall Painting the Sky, a Wire Fox Terrier. Not only was it an honor for four-year-old Sky, but the breed also made history, because the same breed hasn’t won two years in a row sing the English Springer Spaniel in 1971 and 1972.

The four-year-old terrier faced tough competition to reach the National Dow Show’s top spot, reports The Huffington Post. The female beat out 1,500 dogs, 160 breeds, and six other Group Winners.

Best in Show Judge Vicki Abbot chose the dog, GCH Afterall Painting the Sky to win the high honor. Abbot stated:

“The has a keen expression and that dense, wiry coat. The handler let her show herself and she performed.”

Other 2012 National Dog Show winners were an Affenpinscher from the Toy Group, an American Foxhound from the Hound Group, a Great Dane from the Working Group, a Tibetan Spaniel from the Non-Sporting Group, a Bearded Collie from the Herding Group, and a Field Spaniel from the Sporting Group.

People notes that Sky’s handler, Gabriel Rangel, has won the honor twice before, but was still very excited to share the podium with this year’s winner. Rangel stated:

“Sky is a very beautiful Wire Fox Terrier. She is a natural show dog with a short, well-balanced body. She has a beautiful head and her face is unbelievable.”

Rangel won last year with Eira the Wire Fox Terrier, and also with Sadie the Scottish Terrier in 2009. Didn’t get to watch the 2012 National Dog Show winner? Check out footage from this year’s show below.