Trump Impeachment: More Women Than Men Want Donald Trump Impeached

Many people want to see President Donald Trump impeached, but when talking about demographics, it would seem that women would want to see this happen more than men do. This was the takeaway from a new Public Policy Polling survey whose results were released Thursday.

According to Newsweek, the new PPP poll showed that 44 percent of all registered voters surveyed were in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment about two months after he first took office, while 45 percent were against the idea. The remaining 11 percent said they were not sure. These are similar results to earlier surveys conducted by Public Policy Polling, including a February poll where 46 percent of voters were in favor of impeachment, and 46 percent weren’t.

Interestingly, the new poll included insights on whether male or female voters were more likely to favor impeachment or not. Slightly more than half of all female respondents – 51 percent of women – were in favor of impeaching Trump. As for the male respondents, 36 percent of men felt impeachment was a good idea, while 51 percent were against it.

Talking about the general results and why people want Donald Trump impeached, voters were mainly concerned about the ongoing speculation that Trump’s campaign may have colluded with the Russian government to rig the results in their favor. Sixty-two percent of respondents said they would appreciate an independent investigation into the matter, and 60 percent admitted that they believe Russia was indeed in cahoots with the Trump campaign team.

“Voters are inclined to think Donald Trump should resign if proof emerges of direct coordination between his campaign team and Russia in the election last fall,” said Dean Debnam, PPP President, in a statement.

In other key takeaways from the new PPP poll, the organization noted in a press release that the Affordable Care Act is “now the most popular it’s ever been in our polling,” as 52 percent of voters said they are in favor of it. Only 37 percent said they were in favor of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall if it would be paid for with their taxes, while 55 percent were against it. Additionally, just 30 percent of respondents said that they believe former President Barack Obama tapped Trump’s phone during the 2016 presidential elections.

One may have to wonder, however, why more women than men would be in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment, or what would inform such an answer on a national poll. The PPP poll didn’t break things down to such detail, but a look at a petition calling for the President’s impeachment shows comments from people explaining why they would want this to take place.

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Most female commenters had cited political reasons, primarily the Trump administration’s alleged ties with Russia. But some women brought up other reasons, citing what they see as racism and discrimination on the President’s part.

“I’m signing this because I’m worried about our future. My kids will grow up in a country leaded [sic] by someone that thinks discriminating all but male whites is okay. We need someone that truly understands that people are people. Whether colored, of Muslim faith, or female, we are equals.”

Male commenters, on the other hand, mostly stuck to short and punchy answers, using words such as “psychopath,” “dishonest,” and “stupid” when talking about the reasons why they want Trump to get impeached. But just like their female counterparts, it was the administration’s purported connection with Russia that served as a primary motivation for men to sign the above-mentioned petition.

Although Public Policy Polling’s findings suggest that a good percentage of Americans are dissatisfied with their President at the moment, Newsweek stressed that it would be way too soon for anyone to look forward to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

“There’s no reason to expect Trump’s departure anytime soon.”

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