‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ep 85: Jump Spoilers Tease Scheme Against U7, Buu Vs. Goku

Dragon Ball Super is well within its most ambitious saga yet, as the Universe Survival Arc heads full speed towards the Tournament of Power. With the anime’s next few episodes covering the recruitment process for Universe 7’s representative fighters, a series of new leaks have been released about the upcoming episodes. This time, a teaser for DBS Episode 85 has been published by Weekly Shonen Jump, and it provides some interesting details about what might transpire in the upcoming multiverse tournament.

The leaks, translated by noted BDS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, feature a massive, coordinated plan against the Universe 7 team as a whole, as well as an interesting match that is almost certainly fanservice. Here is the translated teaser for Dragon Ball Super Episode 85, “The Universes Get Into Gear: Each One’s Thoughts,” from Japanese manga/anime-themed publication Weekly Shonen Jump.

“Before the tournament begins, the gods sound each other out?! The Kaioshins of each universe gathers before the Tournament of Power! Although some suggest requesting the Omni-King to reconsider, opinions differ, and they are unable to form a plan. Meanwhile, all the Gods of Destruction besides Beerus gather too, and hatch a scheme targeting Goku’s home, Universe 7?!

“Take down Goku?! The Kaioshins and Gods of Destruction for each universe gather!! Gohan goes to recruit Piccolo! Gohan visits his martial arts master Piccolo to ask him to enter the Tournament of Power!

“Buu This Week: sparring with Goku?! Buu can’t wait for the main event! His body has really shaped up as a result of his special training. He battles Goku in order to test out his current power, but?!”

As could be determined from the new leaked Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 summary, the other participating universes would be hatching a plan against Universe 7. A gathering of Kaioshins from the DBS multiverse has already been teased for a while, but this was the first time that a meeting among the Gods of Destruction was mentioned. With this in mind, it appears that Universe 7 would most likely be on the defensive during the Tournament of Power.

In a lot of ways, the scheme against Universe 7 makes sense. After all, it is easy to understand the gods’ motivation to team up against Beerus’ universe, since it was someone from U7 that ultimately became the trigger for the unforgiving tournament. Simply put, if it weren’t for Goku and his insistence to fight against the strongest beings in the multiverse, the Tournament of Power would never have been organized, and countless lives would have been immediately spared.

Apart from the scheme against Universe 7, the DBS Ep 85 teaser also mentioned Gohan recruiting his master and friend, Piccolo, for the upcoming tournament. While Piccolo appears severely outclassed by fighters from the other universes, such as Toppo from Universe 11, his experience in the battlefield would most likely play a fundamental role in Universe 7’s strategy against the 70 other fighters in the Tournament of Power.

What actually managed to attract the attention of numerous DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit, however, were more details about Majin Buu and the debut of the fighter’s slimmer, more fit form. According to the Weekly Shonen Jump summary, the pink fighter had been undergoing special training since returning to Earth, resulting in Buu literally shaping up. Considering that a toned version of the pink fighter hasn’t been seen since the final arc of Dragon Ball Z, the premise of Goku sparring with a possibly good version of Super Buu has been embraced warmly by fans.

After all, Buu is considered as the most formidable opponent ever faced by the Z fighters in the classic ’90s anime. His dark form, the downright frightening Evil Buu, could easily outclass the anime’s iconic enemies such as Frieza and Cell. Thus, if Buu does slim down and attains power similar to his evil form without undergoing a heel turn, Dragon Ball Super would be giving fans its most nostalgic nod yet.

Dragon Ball Super airs in Japan every Sunday at 9 a.m. local time. The anime is broadcast on Fuji TV and is streamed in the West through Funimation and Crunchyroll. An official English Dub has begun airing in the United States through Toonami as well.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]