More Details About Nikki Bella’s Neck Injury Revealed, Current Status With WWE

With only a few days before the biggest wrestling event of the year, Nikki Bella’s status for WrestleMania 33 was up in the air, but more details have been revealed about her recent neck injury. The former WWE Divas Champion lost 10 months of her career after getting neck surgery last year. For a while, it was possible that she would never get back into the ring. She made her WWE return at last year’s WWE SummerSlam PPV.

Since then, Nikki Bella has been wrestling on SmackDown Live as one of the brand’s top female veterans in the women’s division. The WWE Universe has seen her address the criticisms and insults that many people have had against her for years. Now, we are watching her work with John Cena on WWE television for the first time, which will take them into a mixed tag team match against the Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33.

Heading into the event, there has been a lot of speculation about her status with WWE after the show. There have been rumors about Nikki Bella retiring from WWE after WrestleMania 33. The belief was that her neck issues were becoming too severe to continue wrestling. That speculation went through the roof when it was rumored, only a few days before the show, that she could possibly miss WrestleMania, but now the record is straight.

John Cena and Nikki Bella will face Miz and Maryse in Orlando
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Recently, Nikki Bella suffered a severely sprained neck and had been getting x-rays over the past few weeks to make sure she could be medically cleared for her match WrestleMania. The WWE Universe was running wild trying to figure out if the mixed tag team match would be canceled, but she gave an update on her neck injury on social media. According to Nikki Bella herself, she is medically cleared for WrestleMania 33.

Before her recent injury scare, it was reported that Nikki was still being advertised for WWE live events after WrestleMania, which means she may not be retiring after the biggest show of the year after all. That does not guarantee her WWE status going forward. But, now that her recent neck issues have come to light, the WWE Universe is wondering if she’ll need some serious time off after WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night.

The WWE Universe has a lot of questions about Nikki Bella’s status with WWE, but fans are going to have to wait until after WrestleMania to see the status of her neck. She’ll make it on to the grandest stage of them all, but WWE officials should be asking themselves how much longer she can wrestle with a bad neck.

Nikki Bella Could Still Retire After Wrestlemania 33
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Another element of her weekend is the rumored proposal that John Cena may or may not be doing after the couple defeats the Miz and Maryse on Sunday. There has been a lot of speculation about John proposing to Nikki Bella, which could be the fairytale ending to her WWE career. Apparently, the reason why the mixed tag team match was booked is because a marriage proposal is going to happen between John and Nikki.

Otherwise, the mixed tag team match could be considered anticlimactic. Most people are expecting the team of John and Nikki to win, so getting the victory without a proposal would be a big letdown. It’s likely that Cena and Miz will be working the majority of the match based on Nikki’s neck injury, Maryse’s ring rust after years away, and the fact that the two men have been carrying the feud into WrestleMania on the mic.

The WWE Universe should also expect Nikki Bella to get the win over Maryse because it will save Miz from getting pinned by Cena. Not only that, but Maryse and Nikki started this rivalry, so it’s only right they end it in the ring. The match should be fun, and it may even turn romantic. It may also be Nikki Bella’s last match.

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