‘Dance Mom’s Brynn Rumfallo Quits Over Racy Routine

Thirteen-year-old Brynn Rumfallo, a member Abby Lee Miller’s Elite dance team, recently quit the show on the heels of her dance teacher’s dramatic departure. While many speculated that Brynn and her mother, Ashlee Allen, left the show in solidarity with Abby, a video posted to social media shows this isn’t the case at all.

Chaos ensued over Dance Moms social media in the past few days, with mothers accusing Brynn Rumfallo and her mother of saying the girls from the show looked like “hookers” in a past number. Ashlee even stated that she was raising her daughter not to sell her body, insinuating the other mothers were allowing their children to participate in lewd performances.

Teen girl on red carpet
Brynn Rumfallo at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Ashlee took to Twitter to express some of her concerns and to announce her departure from the TV series.

While the feud looked to be between the women of Dance Moms, Ashlee took to social media to post a video explaining her issue with a recent dance. Due to the sexual nature of it, Ashlee stated that this was the last straw and would signal the departure of herself and her daughter, Bryan Rumfallo.

In the video, Ashlee explains that she asked producers to tone down the dance and make it less sexual, but that her concerns were ignored and brushed off. Without Abby, she says, there was no one to stick up for her and address the issue of 13-to-15-year-old girls dressing and dancing in such a provocative manner.

The new coach for the girls’ Elite team is Dancing with the Stars alum Cheryl Burke. It is unclear if the girls are now dancing at her studio, or remain at Abby’s dance space.

Ashlee’s video comes across as calm and collected, but it is clear from social media that the drama that will take place on camera as a result of this feud was at an all time high.

Christi Lukasiak, the mother of fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak, who recently returned to the series after an absence of several seasons, weighed in on her Twitter account.

“Funny that u talk about ‘morals’ b/c of a DANCE but then think its ‘morally okay’ to let ur daughter call our girls hookers on social media,” she wrote.

Jill Vertes, mother of Kendall Vertes, and notorious rival to Ashlee, also tweeted what appears to be a response to the fiasco.

“Wow…you think you know somebody… #truecolors #dancemoms,” she tweeted.

Christi Lukasiak retweeted the item from Jill’s Twitter, clearly insinuating she agrees with the sentiment.

Fans rallied around Ashlee and the struggles she and Bryan Rumfallo have faced on Dance Moms. Since Brynn and Ashlee joined the show, they haven’t necessarily received the warmest welcome from the other mothers and have often struggled to fit in with the group.

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The 2016 cast of "Dance Moms" at the Kids Choice Awards, Brynn Rumfallo second from the left [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

One fan tried to comfort Ashlee via Twitter.

“You did a great job fighting thru the other ladies in the beginning. If you did that you can get thru whatever it takes,” she said.

Ashlee, however, made it clear that she was totally done with the series in response to her fan’s concern.

Brynn Rumfallo and Ashlee have returned home to Arizona where Brynn is now continuing to dance with her old company.

Rumors abound that the girls from the mini team have also left the show due to Abby’s departure.

With all of the drama going on, Dance Moms might be a whole new show by the time the season plays out.

And without Abby in the mix, will fan favorite Maddie Ziegler, or her little sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, consider rejoining the cast?

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