Man Flips Car In Buxton, Maine – Leaves Pregnant Passenger To Take Blame

The below Facebook post from Lorraine Ledoux has been shared 2,000 times and has gained more than 140 reactions on Facebook and a bunch of comments. In the Facebook post, Lorraine’s photo shows a vehicle turned upside-down on its roof, with glass broken and tires in the air as the vehicle rests in a bank of snow on a road. Ledoux wrote (or more accurately, Lorraine Ledoux wrote that Ralph Ledoux may have written the description on Facebook), that the accident happened in the Buxton-Hollis area of Maine.

The description of the viral Facebook post explains that there was a man driving the vehicle that had been flipped in a car accident, but that the man left the scene, leaving a pregnant female to take the fall for the accident. Ledoux ranted about the “loser” who was bold enough to cause an accident, but not man enough to remain at the accident with the pregnant woman, whom Ledoux surmised could have been his pregnant girlfriend or wife.

Ledoux went on to answer a variety of questions via the comments section of her viral Facebook post. She wrote that she was no relation to the pregnant woman left behind, and that she is also interested in knowing what happened to the woman. She wrote that a male driver hit her son-in-law, rolled his vehicle in the process, and then left the pregnant woman to lie and say she was driving as the male driver ran away from the scene of the car crash.

Lorraine bemoaned the fact that Facebook began “threatening” her while she took an hour to return messages and comments, likely due to the social networking site probably mistaking her replies for spam. She went on to write that she received a message through Facebook messenger that the pregnant woman involved in the car crash is sore but okay. She then offered her advice to the pregnant woman, called her likely a “great person,” but one who “needs to turn in the loser and lose him.” In an updated Facebook comment, Lorraine wrote that she’d received an update about the pregnant woman.

As reported by WLBZ2, Jessica Brackett, Ledoux’s daughter, is the one who took the actual photo. Jessica explained that her husband was traveling to get his mom when the car in the above photo turned left in front of him, causing the accident.

“My husband was on his way to pick up his mother to go to work at 7:10 a.m. When he got to Long Plains Rd and Limington Road intersection in Buxton, that car decided to take a left hand turn in front of him. He tried to swerve around him but you see it didn’t work. The passenger of the car was a woman. She told the cop she was the only person in the vehicle and was driving.”

Buxton Police would only corroborate the fact that a crash was reported to them on March 28, at 7:15 a.m., on Limington Road.

On Facebook, Trisha Walker shared Lorraine Ledoux‘s post and said that she witnessed the accident and called the police.

“This happened right in front of me and I called 911 and he was driving but the woman that is pregnant lied and told the cop she was driving but he knew she was lying because of the marks on her from the seatbelt from the passenger side. I called 911 at 7:12 a.m. The young man did make sure he gave his girlfriend or wife a hug after they both got out of the car safely. They knew she was lying and I confirmed that he was driving.”

[Featured Image by Prachaya Roekdeethaweesab/Shutterstock]