‘Off The Rails’: Lifetime Movie Inspired By True-Story Events, Hannah Barefoot

Off The Rails is a new movie thriller on Lifetime that is inspired by true events. Off The Rails was formerly titled Derailed, according to the Times Union. The Lifetime movie is about a woman who loses her memory after a train derails and crashes. She survives the deadly accident but spends the rest of her time trying to remember her husband and other life events. David Jackson directs this feature with Tracy Andreen as the writer. Off The Rails stars Hannah Barefoot as Nicole Barrow, Thomas Beaudoin as Mark Barrow, Andreas Damm as Luc Cormier, Andrea Cirie as Dr. Teres, Vanessa Kai as Zara, and Nicholas Baroudi as Detective Shaw.

Off The Rails (Derailed) Lifetime Movie Synopsis

Nicole Barrow has just survived a terrible train crash caused by a derailment. When she wakes up in the hospital, she has no idea who she is. Despite her memory loss, she vaguely recognizes her husband, and while bits and pieces of her life are coming to her, most of her memory has been completely erased.

In speaking with her husband, she learns about her life from before through pictures and stories. Nicole has the image of herself as an uppity suburban wife who is madly in love with her husband, a political heavy-weight who is running for office.

Her husband’s father is grooming and polishing his son to become the next attorney general. And her husband’s mother can’t stand her. Nicole doesn’t know it yet. But someone is out to destroy her.

Nicole’s world turns dark after she is approached by a jogger who insists that she missed a date for sex, which was arranged online. Thinking that the guy must have been mistaken, Nicole is shocked again when she has another similar encounter.

To her shock, Nicole has surfaced in a sexually explicit video, along with several risque social media posts. It looks like her. But Nicole remembers nothing. Soon she learns that she has been actively engaging in fantasy sex with people who are looking for discreet hook-ups through online ads.

But that isn’t all. Nicole had imagined that she had a solid marriage with her husband. Now she learns that she had a lover on the side. Suddenly, she is pulled into the seedy world of sex, lies, and murder after someone turns up dead.

Off The Rails Based On True Story Events?

Off The Rails is inspired by true events, according to Lifetime. It is not based on one true story but several events that might or might not be connected.

The Inquisitr brought you one true story recently about Angela Diaz, a woman who framed her biggest rival, Michelle Hadley, right into jail. Authorities say she had become so obsessed over Angela, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, that she began trying to destroy her little by little by placing bogus ads online in the sex section of the Internet’s raunchiest pages. A confused Michelle Hadley was in shock when someone showed up at her front door for a lewd encounter. Read about her true story here.

As for the part in Lifetime’s story about the amnesia, there are too many true stories to count. Lifetime television has aired at least one other true story about a married man with amnesia, who was shocked when he suddenly remembered that he had a past life living as someone else.

Off The Rails, aka Derailed, is produced by Divine Immortality Productions and distributed by MarVista Entertainment and Lifetime Television. The 2017 movie thriller was filmed in Albany, New York. The cafe scenes were filmed at Troy, New York’s Illium Cafe, and the college campus scenes were shot at Russell Sage College in Troy. You’ll also notice a scene at Jack’s Oyster House, the IMDB details. Executive producers of Off The Rails are Marguerite Henry, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew.

Recently, the Inquisitr wrote about the movie Fatal Defense, which also airs on Lifetime this weekend. Off The Rails airs this Saturday, April 1, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

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