Jared Kushner’s Friends Hate Him, Here’s Why

Jared Kushner’s involvement with the Trump administration undoubtedly triggered various changes in his life, especially his social life. Reports claim that President Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor is now losing old friendships and might even be happy about it.

When Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump became seriously involved in Donald Trump’s campaign, many of their friends found themselves unsure of the couple’s behavior and what they really stand for. The latter best applies to Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who has been described as his most powerful aide.

Elite Daily reports that Jared Kushner’s friends and acquaintances have observed an alarming change in his stand on what America should be. Apparently, Jared and Ivanka were democrats before Donald Trump ran for president as a republican. When Donald Trump took Jared Kushner as his aide, this also meant that Jared would help make Donald’s goals a reality. As a result, a conflict between what Jared used to stand for and what his new role demands of him was ignited, and his friends eventually caught wind of this.

Donald Trump’s victory may have caused some of Jared’s friends to feel unease, however, knowing that he was there behind the scenes and making things right provided a sense of comfort. Unfortunately, the shred of light that Jared brought to the democrats turned out to be dimming as they observed a change in Jared’s stand on what America should be.

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Jared Kushner is described as Donald Trump’s most powerful aide and was recently appointed as the head of the new White House Office of American Innovation. This new found position placed Jared in a rather gray area between the “republic populists” and the “democrats.” Apparently, the new White House Office will take aim in changing certain government operations by applying ideas that flourish in the business world.

As a result, those who knew Jared Kushner before he became strongly involved in Trump’s administration started to worry about Jared’s stand in certain matters as reported by Business Insider. Apparently, these friends and acquaintances have started to question when Jared’s loyalties and motives lie – is he fighting for the America liberals want, or the America that Trump envisions.

The publication spoke with several people who were involved with Jared Kushner before and after President Donald Trump came into power. According to a person who worked with Jared in the past, as well as people who were supposedly close to the Senior White House advisor, they “hate him now.”

Apparently, these people expected that Jared would use his new position to take a step towards the goal they stand for. They trusted Jared to do the right thing behind the scenes of Trump’s administration.

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As a result, the old acquaintance of Jared’s has decided to stop being friends with him. “I’m not planning on being friends,” this person said. “I don’t think I’m going to be over it… I feel really, really upset about what they’re doing. I think it’s so terrible and so disruptive that I can’t get over that. I can’t endorse that.” this person told the publication.

Unfortunately, they were greeted with utter disappointment and decided to cut Jared loose from their circle of friends and acquaintances.

Jared, however, is rather unaffected by the sudden loss of friends and even seems to view the now broken relationships as a way to “exfoliate.” According to Jared, he was not new to losing friends and is now shedding away these dead relationships from his body.

Despite Jared Kushner’s gray stand in what America should be, he was able to get one thing out of the whole scenario. It seems Jared got a much-needed moment of clarity to determine who his true friends and allies are, and Trump’s administration is responsible for Jared’s epiphany.

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