‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: First Look Reviews Ahead Of Release Date

Better Call Saul Season 3 returns to AMC next month with a release date of April 10, 2017. Ahead of the premiere early reviews are in and it looks like the third season will not disappoint fans. The first two seasons have received critical acclaim just like it’s predecessor Breaking Bad.

However, some critics feel that it is moving to slow as fans still await Jimmy McGill transforming into its namesake Saul as we get into the third season.

Season 3 of Better Call Saul has cast Breaking Bad original Giancarlo Esposito to reprise his role as a younger and less experienced Gus Fring and other crossover appearances can be expected with rumors of Jesse Pinkman making a surprise appearance.

In the finale of Season 2, Jimmy confessed to a felony that can get him disbarred. He confessed to doctoring the Mesa Veda documents to help his brother Chuck deal with what appeared to be his condition worsening. Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Chuck recorded his confession and his career as a lawyer is at the hands of his vindictive brother.

Early review suggest that we are in for another quality season of Better Call Saul; however, it may have a slow start. In review of the first two episodes, TV Guide’s Liam Matthew won’t divulge whether Gus Fring appears in the first two episodes then adds: I will advise viewers to not expect to see the ice-blooded supervillain of Breaking Bad anytime soon. Matthews’ review suggests that the third season doesn’t start “with a bang” so fans should expect a slow start or build up to action later in the season.

Liz Shanon Miller of Indiewire assure fans that Better Call Saul Season 3 will lives up to the hype in her glowing review:

“You probably don’t want spoilers if you’re reading this. You just want to know whether or not the third season of AMC’s celebrated drama lives up to expectations established by previous years. And fortunately, we can report that yes, we remain scared for the characters we’ve come to love dearly, and yes, everything you love about the show continues as you might hope. Specifically, every action has a reaction, and every bad choice made by Jimmy and his cohorts will come back to haunt them.”

The early review gives the Breaking Bad spin-off an A- ahead of the release date.

If you have been paying attention to the press leading up to the premiere, you would have heard that Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul/Jimmy has confirmed that we will see Saul Goodman in this season. This is undoubtedly the biggest advancement toward Breaking Bad.

Fans can also get to see aspects of Saul’s post-Breaking Bad life where Saul is living under the name Gene in Omaha, Nebraska and managing a Cinnabon. One of the images released for Season 3 shows Saul rocking the Gene mustache; however, it is not clear at this point how much of this we will see in the season.

One of the most intriguing things to look forward to in Better Call Saul Season 3 is how different Gus Fring will be and how he developed a close partnership with Mike. The series is getting closer to the Breaking Bad timeline so we can expect more crossovers as the series progresses.

Bryan Cranston who played Walter White has been spotted on-set; however, a behind the scenes video confirms that he will not appear in the season. Cranston can to the set of the series on his book tour so fans shouldn’t get any ideas.

Aaron Paul teased his possible return; however, the creators are keeping it pretty close to the chest if it is true.

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[Featured Image by Michele K Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television]