‘Meet The Putmans’ Gets An Answer: Is TLC Bringing It On As A Series?

Ever since the show Meet the Putmans aired on TLC, the fans have wanted to know if it would be back for an actual season. It turns out that TLC has finally given them an answer. The show Meet the Putmans only aired as a one- time special, but it turns out now they have an answer about if they are coming back. M Live shared the details about what is going on with Meet the Putmans. It looks like good news is here for the family after waiting for TLC to give them an answer.

This show is all about the Putman family who lives together in one big house. Nobody moves out when they get married, but instead, the Putmans just move their family into the house to live with them. They stay there along with their parents, spouses, and children. The Inquisitr shared that Meet the Putmans had high hopes that they would become a series, but they had to wait for the ratings to come in and to get an answer from TLC. They were waiting and sharing on social networks, but it took several months for the Putman family to get any answers.

Meet the Putmans will officially be a show on TLC! They announced it on Tuesday saying, “It’s exciting for all of us… here is what you have been asking about and waiting for… more of Meet the Putmans! Thank you, everyone, that made it possible. We are blessed!”

Jennifer Putman actually confirmed the news as well. She said they will be premiering in the fall and that they will start filming soon. Jennifer revealed, “We’re very excited. The show is going to document us in our daily lives, and we hope people really like it.” The Putmans couldn’t be happier about this news about their show.

Back in January, Billy Putman shared their thoughts on the way that they live. He said, “We all sat down and said, do we really want to continue doing this? We ultimately decided that we’re having a lot of fun. We voted and it was unanimous.” Right now, the Putmans are in a 3,000 sq. ft. house, which isn’t very big for all of them. At some point, as more children are born, they may have to decide that it is time to move into a bigger house, but for now, they are enjoying it. Fans saw that the Putmans share duties around the house and it just works for them. There are 25 of them living in this house. Some families might not like living this way, but it works for the Putmans and they are really happy about the way it goes for them. Not many families live this way.

Are you happy to hear that Meet the Putmans will be back as a series? Do you feel like this will make a great show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Meet the Putmans when TLC starts the series. It will be sometime in the fall, but as of now, they haven’t given them an exact date for when the show will air. Filming hasn’t even started yet, so don’t get in too much of a hurry to see the Putmans back on television. You can expect TLC to air repeats of the special to pick up viewers for this upcoming show.

[Featured Image by Meet the Putmans/Facebook]