Nintendo Switch Stock Issues Solved? Restocking Of New NES Classic Edition Begin

The Nintendo Switch has had restocking issues owing to exceptional demand. Although buyers are expected to face out-of-stock messages for quite some time for the NES Classic Edition as well, Nintendo has indicated that it has been aware of the surge in demand, and is expected to work with retailers to ensure that the supply and demand issues are eased, if not eliminated, in the near future.

Nintendo Switch, as well as NES Classic Edition, have been plagued with stocking woes ever since they were launched a few months ago. Fortunately, retailers around America have confirmed they are working with Nintendo to address the severely imbalanced demand and supply scenario of the gaming system that could easily give other popular gaming consoles a run for their money. However, as gamers have amply indicated their expectations, industry experts strongly feel that online as well as brick-and-mortar retailers may face Nintendo Switch restocking issues for the majority of 2017.

Nintendo’s latest offerings have been largely driven by the intense nostalgia. However, gamers have applauded the efforts taken by Nintendo in designing a sleek, portable, but quite powerful gaming system that offers the ability to play all the games that made the company popular in the first place. If that’s not all, according to Express, many new games are headed for Nintendo Switch. It appears Nintendo has managed to get Ubisoft on board. Games like Minecraft: Story Mode have been confirmed, but gamers are already complaining about the higher sticker price. A quick price scan indicates Minecraft: Story Mode, which launches on June 27, will cost around $10 more than on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

It is likely that the restocking issues are largely driven by the highly attractive pricing of Nintendo Switch, but the same logic isn’t applicable for the NES Classic Edition’s insane demand.


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Although available for just $59.99, the NES Classic Edition was never an easy buy. Every time these miniature gaming consoles were listed as available, they would be snapped up within minutes. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, has an MSRP of $299.99. While it is certainly not cheap, Nintendo, as well as many retailers, have routinely offered some attractive deals for Nintendo Switch. Moreover, those disappointed by the lack of availability of NES Classic Edition may have bought the Switch as a viable and more powerful alternative. Additionally, with the Nintendo Wii U no longer being produced, fans of Nintendo games have been clamoring to get their hands on these gaming systems.

Fortunately, retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and a few other stores like Toys R Us, Argos, etc., have been actively trying to ensure that at least some of the buyers looking to grab a gaming console aren’t sent back empty-handed. In fact, Best Buy confirmed through a tweet that limited quantities of Nintendo Switch, as well as NES Classic Edition, will be available online. However, according to latest reports, the sale was a frenzy, and all the units were bought within minutes of the sale going live.

Nintendo Switch has managed to cleverly bridge the gap between a full-fledged gaming console and the handheld version. The hybrid console manages to offer portability but doesn’t comprise on the gaming experience offered by the stationary gaming consoles.

Given the popularity of Nintendo Switch, industry insiders are confident that the gaming console could beat the Nintendo Wii. With about 100 million units sold till date, Nintendo Wii is undoubtedly the company’s best-selling home based gaming console.

[Featured Image by Nintendo]