WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Getting Another World Champion Title Run?

We’re less than a week away from WrestleMania, which is wrestling’s biggest night, and the latest WWE rumors suggest that AJ Styles will be up for another World Champion title run right after WrestleMania is over. And this suggestion, of course, comes hot on the heels of the blowback against the proposition that the match between Styles and Shane McMahon was far from exciting enough for WrestleMania.

So, will Styles be able to reclaim the belt that was once his? And when will it happen?

According to the latest WWE rumors from Cultured Vultures, many fans believe that Styles fighting against Shane McMahon is an example of how Styles is fighting far below his caliber.

But the outlet suggests that this is just the beginning of a new “attitude era” for AJ Styles and a preview of what we can expect at WrestleMania.

“There is not a soul in the business today that would not tell you AJ Styles is quite possibly the greatest of our generation and possibly one of the greatest performers of all time. AJ Styles has been able to carry out five star performances with everyone he has locked up with, and this leads me to believe that the same is going to happen at Wrestlemania 33 this year as well.”

But according to the latest WWE rumors from Sportskeeda, this isn’t just going to be good for AJ Styles, but it’s going to be good for Shane McMahon, as well.

As the outlet correctly points out, Shane McMahon is getting up there in years — but then again, so is AJ Styles — but that he’s always incorporated the element of thrill and surprise in all of his matches. His match against Styles, then, will be very exciting. And, more than that, WrestleMania fans will enjoy the skills that the two demonstrate — personality differences aside, both are amazing wrestlers.

Finally, in a previous report by The Inquisitr about the latest WWE rumors, it looks like AJ Styles has every intention of taking back the title that he felt was stolen from him.

“The only way for this to all work out is if AJ Styles rebounds after WrestleMania 33. With John Cena leaving for another long break to make a movie, that leaves an opening for someone to take over leadership of SmackDown Live again. With Randy Orton likely winning the title from Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33, and the WWE setting him up as a face despite him playing the heel more that Wyatt in their feud, AJ Styles seems the best bet as the heel to challenge him next.”

The question of whether the match will lead to a world title run for AJ Styles remains to be seen, of course, but this all depends on who wins the match this coming Sunday.

If Styles wins the match, the next thing that will happen is a World Championship run for the Phenomenal One. Since John Cena is already about to leave the company — or, in his words, “retiring” — there’s a chance that the “Face That Runs The Place” will once again be the top face in the company.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think that AJ Styles should get the World Championship title again?

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