Animal Adventure Park Expands As Baby Watch, April The Giraffe Live Cam Go Viral

There are new and exciting changes underway for the Harpursville, New York zoo that introduced the world to April the Giraffe. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) announced through their official website that they will be adding new animals to the zoo, breaking ground on untouched areas of their property to install a new exhibit, adding a new gift shop and will have an official welcome center. This is the Animal Adventure Park’s fifth season and since they installed a live giraffe cam to follow the pregnancy of their 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe April, the zoo, giraffe cam and subsequent baby watch have all gone viral. April is currently on official baby watch as she has reached all milestones and active labor could begin at any moment. Right now, the Animal Adventure Park is the most talked about zoo worldwide.

Currently, the Animal Adventure Park is home to approximately 200 animals. Since the live cam has streamed April’s pregnancy, the park has enjoyed the birth of many animals. Though giraffe baby watch is reaching a worldwide frenzy, the calf will not be a permanent resident of the park, unlike many of the other new births. Here are some photos of new arrivals the Animal Adventure Park has enjoyed since sharing the news about April the Giraffe and the baby calf went viral.

You may watch a video below showing the petting zoo and nursery pen at the Animal Adventure Park and follow along with zoo owner Jordan Patch on a quick tour of the animals and exhibits. You’ll see goats, llamas, and monkeys before seeing the giraffe barn where April and Oliver are spending the winter months. In addition to the giraffe barn, the Animal Adventure Park, which reopens for their fifth season on May 13, 2017, will include the giraffe encounter deck, South American monkey house, and Walkabout Aussie aviary.

Plans to add more animals to the Animal Adventure Park have been in the works, but it appears that the success of April the Giraffe’s live cam and baby watch have provided resources to get much of the work completed. On January 31, the park added black and white Capuchin monkeys. They are Bobo and Kikki, and you can see them in the video above. As the Animal Adventure Park continues to expand and has a wide and growing array of endangered and exotic animals, many have requested they make the live giraffe cam a permanent feature. At this point, the Animal Adventure Park states they will not continue with the live cam after the baby giraffe calf is born. You may watch the Animal Adventure Park live cam featuring the giraffe barn and see videos of other animals in the playlist below.